Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Fresh Idea

I saw this image yesterday on two ellie. Isn't it awesome?

[ Amy Meier ]

Let's take a closer look at the lamp:

It's a great lamp! One thing I love about it is the flat finish. There have been so many DIY lamps out in blog land using super glossy spray paint. But next time you have a lamp needed to be painted, try a flat spray paint.

Speaking of lamps.. here's my little tip. When searching for lamps, seek out big fat lamps with interesting shapes. Puny table lamps are one of my pet peeves ;)

ps- I can't let that great large scale gingham fabric go unnoticed. If you see on my sidebar, I recently saved this fabric to my favorites:

I have decided I'm going to use this fabric to reupholster my office settee. When? Who knows...


  1. I love the shape of that lamp too! It definitely has a traditional feel, which I like, but it's not your typical traditional...


  2. Mr. Goodwill HuntingMarch 27, 2011 at 7:01 PM

    ok...made it.
    I really like the gingham print. I picked up a few yards or two from Wally to hopefully use soon...never really know how these project thingys go.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  3. Thank YOU for posting the picture! Oh I can't wait to see how the bar stools turn out.. as I'm sure they will be done before my settee. It's low on my priorities and the drop cloth covering the old upholstery is fine for now (haha). But I will definitely be using that fabric. It's SUCH a great price.

  4. Ok...I'm just now getting into the whole spray paint thing. I'm totally digging the flat paint! Thank you so much for posting this! I didn't even know they made flat spray paint. It's on my shopping list for sure now!

  5. is the gingham fabric you found as large as the fabric on the chair in the picture?

  6. Yes, it's a large scale. However I recommend getting a sample before you order any yardage to make sure it's the scale you like.

  7. you are awesome. As I mentioned I have been wanting to do something in check but couldnt figure out what. Well, lo and behold the answer was in front of my face... my bar stools that are so in need of a makeover, but I haven't nailed down the right fabric. Oh, and thanks for the link I spent much too long trying to find that fabric to no avail. I am now thinking this should have been an email ;)

  8. Hi Bryn, As a fellow designer and blogger I absolutely love your blog! I'm a regular reader and love your style. As a result I have a surprise for you announced on my site:
    You have received a stylish blogger award!

  9. That is a beautiful space! I agree--puny lamps are no good. Go big and go interesting! Have a great weekend!!

  10. brynn--- do you know who makes that white lamp???


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