Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's In The Details

Many bloggers have recapped the newest issue of Lonny so I won't bore you with that. But what I'd like to do is dig a little deeper.

When a new e-mag launches, I usually flip through quickly soaking in all the pretty pictures. But after I look at the magazine as a casual reader, I try and go back with my "decorator" hat on and learn. I go through the issue again, taking note of the details and the unexpected. I think that is an important part of decorating.

Here are a few things I personally took note of in the newest Lonny:

[ some picture are very blurry because they are literally the LITTLE details ;) ]

Magnolia Leaf Arrangement - we have a magnolia tree in our front yard, and this is a beautiful (and new to me) idea. I may try this for our Christmas table.

Framed Notebook - not really a new idea, but there is something so beautiful about it. I think it'd be especially interesting if there wasn't anything that special written on the page.. just a grocery list or something. Almost like catching a simple moment of time in someone's life.

Only one pattern! - I am guilty of "the more pattern the better!" rule.. but this is such a fresh way of thinking about throw pillows. Only one pattern and the rest are the same (the same as the sofa! And the walls!). Who would have thought....

The Goblet - I love the idea of leaving a (glass) bottle of water for your guests with a goblet to drink out of. A little touch of luxury.

Two Lamps - I really like the idea of putting two lamps, exactly the same, next to each other like this. What can I say, I love symmetry.

Floor to Ceiling Curtains - A new meaning to "floor to ceiling". Putting panels ON molding. May not be a new idea, but new to me! I like it. (Although it would only work with pleating in my opinion).


  1. Nice to see how a "designer" looks at the magazine (things I totally did not notice). I'm kinda digging those floor to ceiling pleated drapes too...

  2. Such great observations! I love the drapes all the way up against the ceiling too.

  3. Growing up in NC with a magnolia tree in the back yard, my Mom used to go crazy with decorating with magnolia leaves. She did arrangements, spray painted them silver and gold for Christmas decorations for the mantle. I love how magnolia leaves look! Great idea, I didn't even notice that detail when I was flipping through the new issue.

  4. mmm...love seeing it through your perspective. very interesting, the little details that different people pick up on. thanks for sharing!

  5. thanks for the closer look! I recently made a wreath out of fresh magnolia leaves from our yard...it's posted on my blog if you're interested. They are easy to work with when first cut because they're so pliable.

  6. Great points. It is interesting to see how people think about things. It is funny how some things just jump out at you. Great post.

  7. Hmmmm .... Must ponder drapes. I'd love to know why the decorator (or homeowner) did that. The moldings look interesting -- on the sides of each panel, it looks like there is only a one-piece crown ... but above the window, it looks like maybe they hung the drapes that way because the window casing goes up to the crown so there was no place to put a rod? Or maybe that is a bit of wall in between the crown and a large window casing?

  8. the framed notebook is genius and oh-so sweet. great detailed spotted and noted.

  9. umm I'm loving all of your ideas! I missed all of those when I read it! ANY Idea where that gorgeous plaid pillow on the couch is from?? I'm kind of obsessing over it...

  10. I agree with the details. The magnolia leaves just took on a new meaning.

    Dayka sent me a tweet saying the she saw the JCrew spread in Lonny and immediately thought of me. I can see why.

  11. I like seeing what you picked out. I am often guilty of flipping through quickly and then forgetting to put on my decorator glasses!
    One of my clients framed not only their wedding invitation, but also their first handwritten note to eachother. Similar to the notebook and I thought it was so sweet!


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