Thursday, July 15, 2010

The "Non-Office" Office

I found this image on Canadian House & Home, and it's titled The "Non-Office" Office.

I love the name, because it's just what I'm going for for my office!

Last night I was working playing on the internet in my office during Top Chef, and my husband was up watching with me. I knew we wanted this space to function as another TV watching area since we don't have a TV in our bedroom and sometimes we want to watch different things. I really enjoyed having him up here with me!

I've shared this image before, but I love India's "Non-Office" Office, which is pink like mine :)

What makes a "Non-Office" Office? In my opinion - the addition of a sofa, a TV and art!

Erika of Urban Grace Interiors also has a fabulous "Non-Office" (Home) Office:

Another beautiful "Non-Office" Office from House & Home:

This is a real office from Carrier & Company, but take note of the desk accessories:

Impeccably styled!

A great use of color from fellow blogger Joi:

Do you guys have a "Non-Office" Office? Send them my way and I'd love to post them! brynalexandra at gmail.

And in case you are curious... here's my to do list for my office (which is probably more for me):

+ DIY and hang Roman Shade
+ Bulletin boards (yes plural!)
+ Drapery
+ Finish polishing hardware (blah)
+ Paint desk drawers (I still have yet to do this)
+ Assemble other BILLY bookcase and style/organize bookcases
+ Reupholster settee ($$$, may have to wait on that for a bit)


  1. I need a non-office, office too! We need a sofa, desk, bookshelves, TV to all somehow fit into a teeny room with no window. Been putting this project off because it feels daunting.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. I love a sofa in the office! Sometimes I like to be in a comfy chair while I'm working. Can't wait to see what you do!

  3. I know that if I put a couch in my office I'd nap there way to often!

  4. Some gorgeous non-offices... I have one at my real office, but need to create one at home. Thanks for a little inspiration!

  5. Aw, Bryn! Thanks for the photo link! I can't wait to see your office come together--I am positive it will be beyond fabulous. : )

  6. yes we turned our finished basement into our family room/home office Its great because I can be online while my hubby watches tv. You can also see the tv from where the computer sits.

  7. I've started to create a non-office office but wouldn't say it's anywhere near picture ready. :)

    I'm actually striving to accomplish something I saw in the paper a few months ago. Turning a room into a family work room/play room/sitting room. We have a room in the front of our house that is probably intended to be a formal dining room but because we have such a large eat-in space in our kitchen, we don't need it for that reason. Therefore, the plan is to use it as an office for me and when our kids get older, turn it into a functional study space but with room to kick back and do some leisurely reading or relaxing. :)

    I'll have to see if I can scan the image from the article that inspired me...

  8. we have a non office office although ours isn't a separate room. its a keeping room off the kitchen.

  9. I would love to have a "non-office" office myself. These pictures are just the kind of inspiration I needed! Thanks!

  10. Our living room is also a non office, kind off actually, its' open plan and it's a long area so we have a living area in one corner and a desk in the middle with a reading corner at the end. great idea! cant wait to see your finished result!

  11. love this!

    gave you a shout out here

  12. We currently have a "non-office" office - simply because we have a lack of space at the moment. We don't really need anything spectacular for an office. More or less to store some of our computer equipment and filing papers. Currently our room has a 52 in TV, a sofa, a large filing cabinet, a desk with the printers on them and a non-functional PC, as a book shelf for some of my scrapbooking things. It's very much a jumbled mess. One day, it will look much better! Good luck with your "non-office" office!!

  13. I don't... but I love House & Home non- office here. So pretty.
    Awesome idea by the way.

    have a great friday.


  14. i love these - thank you for the inspiration!

  15. Oooooh! This is exactly what I'm hoping to do. We're turning our guest room into a proper office (finally!) and a couch is definitely in order so the husband can come visit and play around on his computer while I work. He's excited about that, but also excited that my fabric samples and floor plans will no longer be littering up the dining room table! Thanks for the terrific inspiration photos--I hadn't seen any of these before!

  16. Thanks for the inspiration pics! We are planning to set up a non-office office in our new home. Specifically with a play area for our toddler to enjoy while I work. Don't know about the TV though. This may be one distraction too far.

  17. I just discovered your blog, I am happy to say. I love the non-office office by Erika. What a great idea. We are planning to build our our own home, and it looks like you will be a good source for inspiration! Thanks.

  18. it's not quite there yet but i do have plans for a non-office office. eventually i'll be getting a new couch for my living room and moving my hide-a-bed couch into my office so i can read or use my laptop on it or use it so guests can sleep in a room with a door that closes unlike they currently have to do in the living room


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