Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I love... Kevin O'Brien Pillows

I really love Kevin O'Brien pillows. I "discovered" them when I started working at the interior design shop here locally. Working at the shop has been such a blessing; I've been introduced to so many great products and have access to things I would never had before.

These pillows are pricey, but they are like works of art. They are not for napping! My favorite are his velvet pillows - they "change colors", for the lack of better words, at different angles.

The Persian is my favorite:

And coming in a close second, the woodgrain:

And more subtle, the Ombre:

Interior Designer Samantha Pynn used a Kevin O'Brien pillow here:

I think I have one in my near future for our master bedroom.

(Shoot me an email if you are interested in purchasing one.. the shop can order and send to you.)
(This is a completely honest review, not an endorsement).


  1. The wood grain ones are my favourite! Hopefully your bedroom gets one soon!

  2. I'd be really interested in one of the neutral ombre ones or a neutral wood grain one. What do they retail for?

  3. Oh, you know I love the Kevin O'Brien! My living room is FULL of it!!

  4. Yea the silver woodgrain is super duper awesome. Woodsy and metallic- love it!

  5. I love those. There's a reddish coral one I saw at Market this Spring that I still think about. I want one.

  6. Oh man....I must have one of those wood grain ones!!!

  7. Pretty, pretty! Husbands never understand decorative pillows :)


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