Monday, April 5, 2010

Paint Fantasies

Really the only thing I need to decide for the house quickly is paint. The house obviously hasn't been painted since the 90's so it's a bit dingy and definitely not our style. (you can tell from the picture I posted earlier).

I've known for a while the type of palette I'd put in our future home. Neutrals with gray tones, my favorite. I whipped up this little board during the weekend to get a plan put together:

All paint colors listed are Benjamin Moore:

Just a little taste of what I'm dreaming up.

We haven't had the inspection yet, but I thought I'd jump the gun and post this anyway. If something bad happens and we don't get THIS home, these are still some of my favorites.


  1. Hi Bryn-
    Love the palette and love the new website! You have a gorgeous portfolio. Best of luck with the new house!


  2. my whole house (minus 1 room) is painted ben moore's silver satin.
    it is the perfect shade of pale pale chalky gray. in warm afternoon light it reads white, but mostly it reads pale chalky gray. i love it.

  3. paint was THE hardest decision for me, too. i was never planning on buying a home when i did, so i was ill-prepared for having to select colors in a hurry. that is really the worst!
    anyhow, i love your palette!

  4. Beautiful palette, good luck with the inspection! Janell

  5. Love that color pallette! Its gorgeous. Crossing my fingers you get the new house.

  6. Those colors are gorgeous! I especially like the pale smoke color. Good luck with the rest of your house buying journey! It looks like a beautiful house!

  7. Congrats on the offer being accepted!! I'm so happy for you guys - such a big step - and these colors are gorgeous!

  8. lovely colors--i love benjamin moore paint. the touch of pink in the office is going to be great.
    are you going to keep your bedroom black?

  9. what a lovely palette of fresh colors! I painted my bedroom and bath a Benjamin Moore color called Nantucket Fog (it's bluish, with a hint of gray). Four years later and I still love it!

  10. beautiful palette! we are currently doing a renovation to our house. after spending forever looking at paint colors at home depot, lowes, and sw, i discovered BM and never looked back!

  11. Personal favorite is the silver satin!

  12. camouflage is a great color. I also love lancaster whitewash. It has sort of what I call a "fresh lily" style to it. a little green hint.
    good luck. hope this one is yours.
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