Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Loving right now: black curtains

Right now in my head I'm loving black curtains. Maybe you aren't brave enough to paint your walls black, like this gorgeous room in Windsor Smith's home:

Or maybe you really want to but can't (like me). Black curtains are a great solution to get a similar bold effect.

I haven't been able to find too many inspiration photos, but there is this one from the Ikea catalog:

But no, this is all wrong. The type of black curtains I imagine in my head are completely opaque. Something like Martha's roman shades:

They would be a very rich fabric like velvet.

Ah ha! A quick google search and I found these:

Black, velvet with a blackout back panel. Perfect!

Then I would line the sides of the panels with a rich color... like terracotta or rust.

And if you are curious, I'd put them in a completely neutral room with lots of large windows, like this:

{image via decorpad.com}

I'm thankful for my blog where I can log all my obsessions. :)


  1. The curtains in that last room are wonderful! Hanging them from the ceiling instead of the window frames makes all the difference - very dramatic and gutsy. Who'da thunk?

  2. I have black curtains in my living room. I am glad someone else likes them as well.

  3. they are all gorgeous!
    And wow, what a game room that first image is!

  4. My sister has a black ground wallpaper and I love it!
    Black curtains look very James Bond!

  5. Agreed with Sara, I love that last room. What drama! I can totally see rich black curtains in that space!

  6. Hi Bryn!
    Thank you for mentioning my fabric and my work and for the shout out on wsroominabox.com. You're right, there is something out there for every budget and desire and I just love seeing other design minds like yourself reaching out with creativity and heart bringing beautiful spaces to more people. btw, I love the shape of your box, it reminds me of the take out boxes at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Soooo chic! Thank you and keep up the great work!


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