Friday, October 2, 2009

space of the day

How could I NOT do a space of the day from Lonny Mag? I know, I know... this picture is all over the place, but sorry. I love it!

That office space is perfect, and it leaves me considering the ikea office chair + ikea faux fur rug as an alternative option to this:

On a side note, King Charles Spaniels are my favorite dogs ever. Unfortunately, I most likely will never have one because they are so extremely expensive... I just can't pay for a designer dog when so many "mutts" out there need to be saved. And, again unfortunately, it's rare to find a King Charles rescue in good health.

I do, however, love my little "knock off" version of a King Charles Spaniel:

She was a rescue and is a spaniel-breed mutt, yet still has the same precious eyes and temperament of the real thing :)

Happy Weekend!!


  1. Love your blog! Just a note about the King Charles, There is a rescue that is nationwide called "Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue" You can check them out att:

    Yes, some of the pups have health issues (they are very forward about it) but not all (considering ones from breeders can as well). They even have puppies at times. I just rescued a puppy in MN this past June. I love him!

  2. I love Austin, our "knock-off" Cavalier King Charles that you and mom found for us.

  3. I saved this picture too - LOVE the space (and the puppy, as you know, my king charles whom passed away - really brought back happy memories).

  4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are amazing! My all-time favourite dog has to be the Border Collie though. I WILL own one - when I get a place big enough :-/

  5. I always thought your little pup had some King Charles in her, we adopted our pup, Lance from a puppy mill rescue, we were told he was a full breed, but we think he's a "knock off" as well, but I agree, they are the SWEETEST!

  6. I have that white chair ...well we have 2 of them here in the office.
    They look great. :)
    Jen Ramos
    'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'


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