Friday, October 2, 2009

A Busy Weekend!

Good news - both my bryn alexandra interiors projects are coming along nicely and we are getting very close to the end! Right now I'm in the accessories/shopping stage which, I won't lie, is such a blast. I am becoming a regular at Home Goods :) Unfortunately (for my husband) my weekend are no longer weekends, but this is what I love so I wouldn't trade it for the world. And it just means I'm getting a little bit closer to the future where I can do this full time.

{la fashion district via flickr}

A little glimpse at my weekend to do's...

- Spray paint a chair and bring to the upholster
- Finish painting and poly-ing a tall dresser
- Finish painting and poly-ing a desk
- Purchase drawer pulls (Rest Hardware)
- Shop for jute rugs
- HUGE Ikea shopping trip!
- Client meeting on Sunday

I'm also going to the LA Fashion District tomorrow morning. I'm hoping my local readers can help me out on this one...

Does anyone know if there is a large selection of upholstery fabric at the LA Fashion District?

I'm worried I will drive all the way up to LA (about an hour and a half) to find it's only clothing fabric. Thanks in advance!


  1. yes, there are tons of places you can get great upholstery fabrics! i love the michael levine home store (there are two on MLs on maple -- one mainly for clothing, one for home), but you could probably get a better bargain at the smaller retailers. have fun!

  2. hi bryn...long time reader here, oc girl as well. you definitely can find upholstery fabric in downtown la. in fact, you can find almost any type of fabric. anything from wall curtains, to tableclothes...the sky is the limit.

    try going down 9th street to compare the bolts of fabric there. bring cash, it's easier to bargain/haggle. lots of contemporary designs too. if you want to see some samples of what i've bought, e-mail me at good luck and have fun!


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