Thursday, August 13, 2009

bryn alexandra lighting trend

Okay, this is not a trend I'm setting, but loving. I have been noticing in my inspiration folder that lately I've been drawn to interesting pendants that reflect light in interesting ways.

Case in point:

{interior by Heather Garrett}

{house tour via young house love}

Best of all? You can usually find cool vintage pendants that fit the bill on eBay.

This one is a Buy It Now for $99. It'd be great for an entryway.

I love this one! Buy It Now for $135


  1. Beautiful! Love the Heather Garrett pendant - very chic.

  2. Love this too!! Great trend. I might try to do something similar in my new apartment.

  3. I love them all. Lately, I've been really drawn to them as well. Perhaps, I will try one when I move next month. Please, come by. I need desing help.

  4. Love the first one. The other ones are a bit too out there for me.

  5. Lovely! You should check out the ones by David Trubridge. He designs amazing shades that look good on and off.

  6. God I LOVE the Moroccan lanterns! So chic!

  7. Not of pendants, but of lights...did I ever mention Homegoods had a porcelain parrot lamp, like the one in your first pic - for $99?!
    I about peed my pants - and SO SHOULD'VE bought the damn thing! Oh well....

  8. First image = perfection. I heart your style, like... so MUCH.

  9. Beautiful! Love the Heather Garrett pendant - very chic.


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