Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Charlotte gets her staples out on 2/2, and I wanted to document them and how she's been such a strong, brave girl during all this. I love her so much!

If you haven't heard Charlotte's story, click here and here.


  1. It seems this year, so many dogs got hurt. My dog also got very hurt 2 weeks ago. They thought it was either a slipped disc causing her to be paralized or a blood clot. After tests, xrays and a MRI, they found that she didn't need back surgery. I didn't chose the other option too. Couldn't. So I understand how you feel. Cost of alot but she worth it.

    I'm glad Charlotte is feeling better. They're our babies, aren't they? ;)

  2. She looks so sweet. I didnt dream she had that many staples! Glad to see her though, and the love. She looks at you like she knows just what you are saying. Great bond. I cant wait for the running around video. Any kids for her?

  3. What a sweet girl! I can't believe how long her staple scar is! I hope she just keeps getting better and better. What breed is she?

  4. So glad she is doing better. She's one tough cookie. I love my puppies too, and would spend any amount of money on them. They just mean so much to me.

  5. Aww - reminds me SO much of Ziegen - glad she is doing so well through this - what a lovely little girl!

  6. Glad Charlotte is feeling better. I think my furbaby Paisley is Charlotte's twin. The same coloring, and the same underbite smiley face. Paisley has Osteo-arthritis, and yes we opted for surgery for her for another issue. But like you, the OTHER option wasn't even an option.

    So glad she is better.


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