Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just because I can't buy it...

...doesn't mean I can't share it!

I'm bringing to you some of my favorite little things on Etsy that I can't justify buying right now. But that's why blogs are great - you can in a teenie tiny little way make them yours by posting them for all to see.

I just love these glass coasters! And you'll never forget which glass was yours! If you can remember your number, that is :)

I'm not sure what I love about this catch all tray, but I adore it.

I've noticed lately that I only use a couple cards from my wallet on a day to day basis, and I never carry cash/change. So this pocket fold would be perfect for me. And the daily reminder is so.... right on.

This is a STAMP! Beautiful, yet casual. It would have been great to have while addressing our Christmas cards!

I'm loving this color of red lately.

This dress is perfection!

In other news, I'm going to be MIA the rest of the week with work, so have a great weekend!


  1. That stamp is awesome. You must be able to read minds because I was checking out custom stamps on Etsy, and I didn't see this at all, but love it the most! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the wallet, maybe I need to get that for DH?

  3. Thanks for posting these. I added the self-inking stamp to my favorites. I just love Etsy!

  4. I need those coasters...and that tray!

  5. Thanks for sharing the fun finds! I love the coasters and the stamp!

  6. Haha - The spend less wallet is so classic!

  7. The stamp is my favorite! And I'm with you on the catch all plate. Not sure why I like it, but I really do.

  8. So many great things!! love the wallet & stamp!!! need to go to etsy now & have a look around!!!

  9. I need those coasters...and that tray!

  10. Love the wallet, maybe I need to get that for DH?


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