Thursday, January 22, 2009

Idea Board: Romantic Bedroom

I had so much fun doing this idea board. Casey, who emailed me for help, has a huge Master Bedroom in Texas. In fact, she has a wall so long that she had no idea what to do with it! She also told me she wanted a romantic bedroom, but something her husband would feel comfortable in, too. So here is what I came up with!

The Details:

- I set the mood with the wall color. It's part of Ralph Lauren's Whitewash collection; a group of whites that have lovely tones to all of them. The color is Storm Lightning.

- The extremely long wall in Casey's room allowed a corner to have a long chaise lounge. I found this amazing deal on As you can see in the link, the chaise is a totally different color than in my idea board. This is because I suggested Casey take the chaise to a seamstress and have a custom slipcover made for her made up of cream fabric with a light green stripe of fabric down the middle.

- On the long wall with the chaise lounge against it, I would center two goldish silver toned full length mirrors with this Crate and Barrel console table between them. Full length mirrors can be found at Home Goods for amazing prices. Above the console table I'd place a collection of large black & white and sepia toned photography of romantic locations, arranged like in the board. (I love the cascading look of the photo arrangement).

- To create a romantic abiance, I'd fill the room with these cb2 candle sticks and this Wistera candle holder. I'd place these beautiful Target lamps on either side of the bed. Casey already has beautiful silk brown curtains, and I suggested she put light green curtains up with them from the same fabric used on the chaise slipcover.

- This inexpensive Ikea fabric bed is romantic yet casual. The bedding in the idea board is Casey's actual bedding, isn't it awesome? Under the bed I'd put a large natural brown rug from Target.

And that completes my romantic-enough-for-a-man master bedroom!


  1. Ok, so I've started to love your blog! I'm so jealous with the amazing ideas you come up with! Especially the most recent Master Bedroom you've designed! So, any chance you would be willing to help me out? I have a small office that is awful (read: hideous!) We already have an oak desk in there and there is white carpet. Currently the colors are mauve & dark blue, not my ideal colors for a nice cozy spot to curl up in a blanket and read.... We do not have any furniture in there, except of course the bed. Think you can give me some ideas to help me out? I'm not great at decorating, but I love to save money... Is that a terrible combo or what??? Help! :-)

  2. love is stunning

  3. love those colors, my hubby always likes more neutral, modern designs and im much more girly so its always a compromise. beautiful choices!

  4. that looks beautiful! you have such great taste...and the cutest vintage dresses! i absolutly love your blog :-)

  5. I love your idea board. It's going to be a beautiful bedroom!

  6. that looks beautiful! you have such great taste...and the cutest vintage dresses! i absolutly love your blog :-)


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