Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2 down, 0 to go

Okay so who knew today would be so productive in my art search? After purchasing the first print for the dining "room", I finally buckled down and purchased this print that I've been yearning over for a while:

I'm not sure how the frame will look horizontally, but heck, it was only $10 and if it doesn't work, I'll find another home for it.

Now for the reason I bought it (anything I put on a wall has to connect to me emotionally, even mirrors which reflect the people I love)..... our college campus had so many of these bright red telephone booths, and I just adored them. Whenever I see one now, I think of college and of course it brings back amazing memories, especially of the husband and I. Who knows how long they will stick around in this world of cell phones. This print pays homage to those telephone booths.

And while I'm strolling down memory lane, I miss snow.

edit - wow, I just realized the phone booth in the print and the phone booths at OU are exactly the same. Not only that, but the brick is very similar to the brick buildings at OU also. Crazy coincidence, considering this print is coming from England. I love the print even more now!


  1. Thats such an amazing coincidence...I searched "art sale" on Etsy today, and was drawn to the same seller because my husband is from Scotland, and was admiring the Royal Mile prints.

    How great is Etsy for art eh?

  2. That print is awesome- and I love the connection!

  3. Um, it's not a coincidence. The phone booths at OU are modelled after the phone booths in the UK.

    The red phone booth of that design is really, really famous and well-known for being THE British public phone booth.


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