Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Idea Board: Office Turned Guest Room

Yay! Another idea board! Jenny asked my help with designing a guest room she could scrapbook in, but also wanted it to function as a guest room. She had some great items to start with - the desk her husband bought her for Christmas, and her GORGEOUS floors (you can see the color of them in the bottom left of the idea board. For guest accommodations, she requested a cream colored sleeper sofa.

So.... here is what I came up with!

The Details:

- Jenny's beautiful floors were inspiration for her windows: I love the red leafy print of these curtains. I'd put some venetian blinds in the same color as the floors underneath them. To balance off the red tones in these pieces, I'd paint the walls River Rapids from Ralph Lauren - a very very light blue.

- I found a nice inexpensive sleeper sofa from Ikea. They never cease to amaze me! I matched the office chair to the sofa; it's actually a covered dining room chair from Ikea. Then, also from Ikea, a white lamp pulls from the white of the chair and sofa.

- Jenny wanted needed some storage for her scrapbooking items, so I pulled together the metal and the wood of these small storage compartments to match the desk her husband bought her for Christmas.

- I really like this sun-inspired mirror; it fits in well with the nature inspired curtains and rug. Speaking of the rug, I just adore it. I'd buy it for myself.... I think it's a timeless piece. It's the perfect natural gray color for the room. I found this side table from Ikea to tie in the same colors as the rug. I also like how it's a little more modern, so it keeps the room eclectic (I guess you could say all my "designs" always have mixes of modern and traditional).

Thanks, Jenny for letting me help you!

And to the rest of you out in blogland - if you ever need help with a room, my idea board services are just 10 bucks :) Email me anytime, I really love doing them.


  1. its so pretty!! I really need to get a handle on some window coverings for our house...

  2. I love that sofa with that rug. Nautally comfortable! :)

  3. Bryn...home run...did you see my office? I love it, and I owe you for giving me the green idea.

  4. You've done a beautiful job. I love the colors and great deals.

  5. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! You got me so well! I love it!

  6. I love it! I love the nature theme and the colors!

  7. It came out beautiful! Great job!

  8. Great job, can't wait to see it finished!


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