Monday, December 15, 2008

A Wisteria Lane Christmas

Nope, this post isn't about Desperate Housewives (haven't watched that show since the first season...)

But it IS about one of my favorite online shops, Wisteria. Although some of their things can be quite expensive, they do have the best sales, and now they have a major Holiday sale in progress.

Here are some items that I just adore:

Mercury Glass Antiqued Ornaments - 5 for $24.50 / originally $49
{these would definitely do until you can find real antique ornaments}

Austro Artwork Ornaments - 4 for $14.50 / originally $29
{these are hand painted and perfect for passing down to future generations to come}

Boullion Tree (Medium) - $24.50 / originally $49
{the julep cup makes this tree, but the beaded branches are a close second}

Golden Angel Wings - $69.50 set of 2 / originally $139
{"Angels we have heard on high"}

Birch Wreath - $14.50 / originally $29
{literally the most beautiful wreath I've seen to date.. comprised of strips of curled birch tree}

Glitter Star Ornament Set - $17 for 3 / originally $34
{those are mirrored orbs in the middle, drooling now}


  1. Oh my goodness. I too love Wisteria, and had NO idea they were having these sales! *rushes away to tell husband*

  2. Love all these sales, thanks for posting them!

  3. Great store! I love those mercury glass ornaments. very pretty.

  4. i love those ornaments and that wreath is amazing!!!

  5. Love that wreath! I've never heard of Wisteria before - thanks for introducing me to something new (I'm sure my husband is gonna looove that, ha ha!)

  6. Wow I had never checked out Wisteria before, beautiful stuff! My fav are those glitter star ornaments - amazing! Reasonable prices on the stuff you posted too.

  7. For anybody who lives in the Dallas area, Wisteria has a great outlet where they sell discontinued and overstock items, and even stuff current in the catalog. Check on their website for the address. I scored some stuff I'd been wanting from the catalog there on deep discount!


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