Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ideas for a Friend

My awesome blog friend, Sarah at Jeune Marie, emailed me asking to help her with her office. She already had some great ideas, so I can't take all the credit for this idea board.

She brought to the table....

- hunter green walls
- ghost chair (on sale!)
- white french provincial desk
- Ikat fabric

She asked me to come up with some ideas for the room with brown and yellow accents. Well, I sort of threw out the brown and yellow when I stumbled upon this image while searching for hunter green rooms in google search:

{I have no idea where this came from, do you? it's the perfect wall color}

hunter green + black = love

So I took that and ran with it and put together this little board:

So here are the details....

- Sarah originally said she was going to use the ghost chair for the desk, but I think it'd be better hanging out on an empty wall with this amazing handmade Etsy pillow.

- I'd place a glossy black French provintial armchair with a black velvet seat behind the desk. If you cruise Craigslist long enough, you're bound to find one that you can paint and upholster easily.

- As for the Ikat print, Sarah was thinking of curtains, but once I found this pink Ikat rug, I knew it was perfect for the kelly green. I'm not too fond of Ikat prints, but I really think the pink is perfect for a glam room.

- Curtains... I couldn't think of any color that would marry with the green and pink, so I just stuck with a monochromatic style and went with silk green curtains. The ones I chose are slightly different in color from the walls, which I like.

- A little bit gothic, but undeniably feminine... this chandelier is perfect for the room.

- And last but not least, who doesn't love coral? Especially pink coral.

This idea board is an overall picture, because I know Sarah has the talent to take it and run with it. I can't wait to see what she does!


  1. Great job Bryn! I always love your idea boards!

  2. What a funky and fabulous office space! One of my favorite reasons for visiting your site is to see if you've but a new idea board up. I enjoy them thoroughly.

  3. I LOVE it! The green walls with the black furniture is so pretty.

  4. I love this Bryn! Thanks so much!! I can't wait to see how the incorporation of your ideas and mine are used to make the perfect office!

  5. I love the funky vintage vibe! Never would have though to pair green w/ black but it really works. *sigh* I NEED a ghost chair!

  6. Beautiful idea board. I love the hunter green, I think it's perfect for an office! I'm going to remember that color. And the pink adds just the right hint of glam. Awesome job!

  7. Great job, love it!
    You've been tagged on my blog!

  8. What a fun combination of colors!

  9. You cant get any better than this. I am SOLD! Gosh where have I been? I have learned so much from this blog!

  10. Awesome. You make the best boards!

  11. Hey Bryn...can you give me the website where you found this picture of the hunter green room? thanks


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