Sunday, June 29, 2008

Simply Updates.

Today was a productive day. The Aaron Brothers 1 cent sale has started, and is now through July 20th. I headed over to our local store to pick up frames for our black office wall. I got all these frames (plus one for my desk at work) for $98!

I've come up with the arrangement, now I just need to get art/wedding photos together to fill the frames! I cannot wait to finish this inexpensive and meaningful project.

After I left Aaron Brothers, I walked over to our Linens N Things, which is one of the unfortunate stores that is closing (well not too unfortunate, I usually go to Bed Bath and Beyond instead). I picked up some new pillows for our TV couch - All three for a total of $30!

I got two steel gray pillows and an adorable knit sweater textured white pillow. If we can't wear sweaters in Souther California we mine as well decorate with them!

Last but not lease, I finally uploaded some old pictures of some gorgeous Trader Joe's peonies I bought when we hosted Fathers Day:

And my signed Katy Perry cd (sorry I was too lazy to rotate....):


  1. Can't wait to see your photo wall. I am currently attempting the same thing in my living room. It's fun, but kinda stressful cause while I want it to look eclectic, I have a hard time making it un-symetric? ;-)

  2. Man, I wish we had a Brothers store here!
    Love peonies =)


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