Monday, June 30, 2008

Fill em' up!

I wanted to share with you some of the images that I already have/plan on buying for our art wall:

Already purchased.

This is from our wedding - isn't it beautiful? Do you see the tiny little us in the background? Credit: Michael Norwood (

One of my favorite wedding pictures - you can really read on our faces what we were feeling at that moment. (would this be too much "us" to be an 8x10?)

I'd love to put one of my great grandmother's art in the large middle frame.... maybe in the size of a 6x8 with a large mat. Does anyone know how to turn a canvas painting into a print? I'll need to research that...

Anyway that's what I have so far! As a re-fresher - this is the wall that it will be on:


  1. I absolutely love the selections so far! The photo of the two of you would be extremely appropriate as an 8 x 10!

  2. has very good quality photo products and they do a gallery wrapped canvas.

    If you want something cheaper (and much lower quality) is the cheapest gallery wrapped canvas Ive seen but I can't really recommend them as I wasn't so pleased with their work and their customer service is aweful.

  3. mrs.limestone - thanks for the recs! I'm actually looking for something/some place that will be able to take a canvas painting and make a print of it on just plain paper, so I can mat and frame, like an artist would do for mass production.

  4. I love what you have picked so far. And I don't think an 8x10 would be too much, I think it would really fit.


  5. I have that same 'home sweet home' print in green! love it!

  6. I love what you have planned for the art wall. Mom and I want a copy of the 8x10 wedding picture.

  7. An 8x10 is actually fairly small as far as wall prints go. I have several 11x14s matted and framed in my living room, and on a big wall, they seem quite small even with the mats and frames. I don't think an 8x10 would be overkill at all.

    I have no clue about professional companies that could convert a canvas to a print, but I would think you could scan it on a scanner or take a photo of the canvas and edit and print that. Hmmm...

  8. i am in LOVE with your haning lamp/chandelier. can i ask where you got it?

    everything else looks great too and i think the bigger size would be fabulous.

  9. Wow...the wedding photos with the trees are simply stunning! How dreamy!

    Love the blog - keep it coming.


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