Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Nursery Diaries: Cole's Finished Room!

Finally!! I finally got around to taking some pictures of Cole's nursery and I'm excited to share them with you :) We are very lucky that Cole has been sleeping in his room from week 1, so we spend a lot of time in this room. It's probably my favorite room in the house... mostly because my insane love of it's occupant, but I am really happy with how it turned out.

This room is very small and the usable area is pretty much a square. Because of this, I had to be creative with the floorplan. But luckily nurseries have small furniture, so it worked out. The glider is sort of "floating" in the room, but it works. Here is a full room shot:
One of my favorite pieces of furniture is the dresser that functions as a changing table. We spend a lot of time at this dresser ;)

Another favorite in this room are the custom roman shades. These roman shades were made by the talented ladies at Drawn Company (on Etsy). I wanted to save some money so instead of using my usual workroom here in Charlotte, I turned to Etsy. I was SO impressed by this Etsy shop... the workmanship was just as professional as if I had gone to my professional workroom! They have awesome pillows, too.. and I am going to host a giveaway from them soon!
Cole's room has this interesting little nook, which ended up being perfect for books and a toy chest. Even though he's only 6 weeks old, I love reading to him.. especially all the books that are new to me.  
This lucite stool below is one of the first things I bought for the nursery, but was the last thing finished. I could NOT decide on a fabric and looked at dozens of options. I finally settled on this greek key from Pindler & Pindler, and I love it!
While I worked on this room, I didn't really have a plan like I do with my interior design clients. I just started pulling colors and things that I liked, and then realized I had a room that was sort of a hodge podge. I knew a piece of artwork would tie everything together. So I went on Etsy (again) and commissioned the artist Pamela Munger to create an abstract using the colors found in the room. I didn't want it "matchy", but I did want it to tie everything together. I LOVE love love it. I let her do her thing, and I love what she came up with. It reminds me of all the Saturdays we spent at Laguna Beach when Matt and I lived in Orange County.

The painting is on a piece of paper instead of a canvas, and I had it floated in a frame. Honestly, the artwork and custom framing is one of the biggest splurges in the room, but it's something I'm going to have and love forever. I hope Cole loves it someday, too :)
I debated whether or not to do a crib bumper, and decided against it. I chose a classic Jenny Lind style crib and a natural linen crib skirt (custom made) that would work for the next kiddo, even if it's a girl. I love the subtle bit of orange in the crib sheet.
Last but not least, I have this sweet little bookshelf that Erin (owner of Isabella) gave me. It holds all the little pieces that are really sentimental to me, and I love seeing them when I sit in the glider while nursing him.  The first shelf holds toys and things from when Matt was a child, and the middle shelf holds all the little stuffed animals that have given to Cole by friends and family. There is even a stuffed animal that was Matt's as a child (the bunny on the far right) that my mother-in-law found on eBay! So sweet!
And here is our sweet little Coley Guacamole sleeping in his crib: 

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore "Chimichurri"
Throw: Isabella
Crib: Amazon.com
Crib Sheet: Land of Nod 
Crib Skirt: Custom via Global Weave
Roman Shades: Custom via Drawn Company on Etsy
Dresser: Vanguard
Lucite Footstool: Vintage, Fabric Pindler & Pindler
Toy Chest: IKEA
Toy Bins: PEHR


  1. What a perfect space for your sweet little guy! I love hanging out in my little one's rooms too! Such a special time!

  2. Drawn & Co. do such a great job! Love his little room!

  3. Such a pretty room! Where are the wall-mounted bookshelves from? I've been looking for some for my baby girl's nursery :)

  4. I love all the details! I'm going to have to bookmark that seller for roman shades because something similar would look amazing in our office.


  5. HI !! Love the room. could you please give me the source for lucite book shelves in the nook?

  6. Bryn, it looks amazing! I love each and every part. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  7. Adorable!! The room is beautiful, but Cole is the show stealer!! :) That bench is awesome.

  8. Congratulations - he's adorable!!! His nursery is lovely too.

  9. What I love about this room, besides the cute baby, is that it will work for years to come. The colors are just fabulous and the painting is wonderful.

  10. Adorable little boy and I love your hodgepodge!

  11. Well it was definitely worth the wait…what an amazing nursery reveal!! We were SO happy to be chosen to be a part of this very special room! You decorated it so beautifully, Bryn, right down to every last little detail. Seriously fabulous job. Looking forward to the future giveaway!

  12. I'm actually looking at Drawn on etsy for shades in my nursery, but have hesitated because I wasn't sure an outside mount would block out the light. How have these worked for you? Do they keep the room dark, or do you get light "spillage" out the sides?

    The room is beautiful!!!

  13. So sweet to see the finished product! What a lucky little boy :)

  14. it's gorgeous! i love the wall color so much! so cozy and modern all in one!

  15. Beautiful! Love the wall color- so soothing. :)

  16. I think the shelves may be from CB2? So cute!!!

  17. Looks adorable!


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