Monday, January 13, 2014

You can find me at... Isabella Studio!

This past week we launched a new blog at Isabella and I am soooo excited to share it with you! As you know, I started working full time at the shop during the fall of last year, and we have a ton of plans for Isabella for this year. One of them being our brand new blog:

We worked with Hanna from Gadabout (one of my favorite blogs ever!) and she created a beautiful new site for us. I'll be posting regularly from Isabella Studio, but I will also continue posting here about person things like nursery progress, baby, life, etc :)

I am so thankful for my readers that have watched me blog and grow since 2007, and I really hope you follow me to Isabella Studio to share the fun things we'll be doing over there! We have a ton of features planned like Home Tours, Scenes From The Shop, and "Get To Know" (small interviews with the coolest people in Charlotte).

I'm going to be shooting a Home Tour with jewelry designer and friend Meredith Jackson this month... here is a little sneak peek of her place:
She lives in the coolest loft in Charlotte.. and wait until you see her jewelry collection!

You probably know that I'm obsessed with Pinterest, and I've also started pinning at Isabella too. Follow us on Pinterest here

Working at Isabella is a huge part of my life now (and I LOVE it so much!), I hope you follow me on my adventures there :) Thank you for your support!!

I'm also getting back into the swing of things here at Bryn Alexandra. This week I'll be sharing with you our HGTV Magazine Feature and more Nursery Diaries :)


  1. So exciting! I am here in Charlotte so I am excited to "meet" some new cool people :)

  2. Thanks for sharing! Your blog is a favorite of mine and now I will have to add Isabella!!

  3. i love the sleek and modern design and how little space it takes up


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