Monday, October 21, 2013

Neutral At Home

Thank you guys so much for the sweet comments about our exciting announcement! We are soooo excited!

Although my mind has been consumed with baby and work lately, I still think about design all the time :)

Erin (owner of Isabella) and I have recently declared that we need to have mostly neutral spaces in our homes. We love and appreciate (and often use for clients) pieces with pattern and color, but since we are exposed to so many different things all the time, we need to go simple at home. (Or else we'll get sick of it!)

So let's revisit some of my most recently favorite "neutral nelly" spaces:
Also filing this one under "Dream Home"....
Neutral doesn't have to be boring!
Neutral with high contrast... I love this!
This room has become one of my all time favorite rooms.. it's neutral but not boring.


  1. Congrats on the baby!! I missed it :)

  2. I love these neutral spaces! I really want to pin the images, but I'm not seeing any sources. Are these rooms that you did at Isabella? Thanks!

  3. I'm loving the last one...I saw it a few months back and was dying over that leopard ottoman. I absolutely think leopard is a neutral! And congrats!! :)

  4. I do adore a neutral room. But I lived in neutral apartments for 10 years. The second we owned our own home color was splashed on every wall. I change it up by using neutral bedding or accessories.

    I think the Latina in me requires color. Love that table with the freesia. Gorgeous!

  5. I love those traditional rugs in the first couple pictures. Especially in the third picture where the traditional rug is paired with the modern table. It creates a cool contrast. The minibar certainly adds to the room too ;) I also like the mixing of patterns and textures in the last photo. The animal print ottoman works so well with the textured rug under it.

  6. Neutral spaces will always be highly revered in my book. So classic and soothing! Yet can be teeming with interest if executed well. Thank you for sharing!


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