Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Kitchen Update

It's funny.. we set out on updating our kitchen with the hopes that it would be a really quick & easy job, but of course that's never how things go when you renovate something in your home!

Earlier this week, our dishwasher just happened to die right in the middle of things. As much as that new expense sucked, it worked out pretty well! We were able to find a gently used stainless steel dishwasher on Craigslist and the guy selling it was a repair guy. He ended up removing our old dishwasher (and disposed of it), and delivered/installed the new one for a REALLY great price! It worked out so perfectly!

You can see our old dishwasher in this picture:

I'm going to keep it real here.... our kitchen is a DISASTER zone. Here are pictures of it this morning:

And here is our "new to us" dishwasher.. it's still sticking out because we're going to push it back in when the counters are installed. You can also note that half our counters have been pulled up.. ha!
 We are also living with our fridge pulled completely out.. it's crazy over here!
The counters are going in tomorrow (yay!!) and the floors are being installed on Saturday. After all the back and forth with the floor tile, we finally have all the tile purchased and I laid some out to get a feel for it. It's just a basic neutral, but it flows perfectly with our carpet which is what I was looking for!

I'm praying everything returns back to some sort of livable normalcy by the end of the weekend.

So here are the plans once the counters and floors are in. We are keeping our current fridge and stove for now. We can always replace those later down the road, but truth is we'd probably move before investing in those pricey appliances. 

We will be replacing the old, ugly hood range with this stainless steel one from Lowe's
Then comes the DIY backsplash project! I found this post from Dream Book Design to be very helpful: 
They used a product called Bondera, and we plan on doing the same. It's a bit pricey, BUT it will save us time and energy, which is well worth it. 

I'll be using this basic white subway tile from Home Depot:

I'm planning on using medium gray grout, similar to this: 
I'm using Oyster Gray grout on our floors, and considered using that on our backsplash as well, but then I found this picture and it looks a little light. 
Oyster Gray Grout via The Inspired Room
I'll probably go one shade darker since our counters are dark gray/almost black!

And that's where we are currently at with the kitchen! Hopefully everything will go well and we'll be ready to tackle the backsplash on Monday! :)


  1. I'm sure the new counters and flooring will look good - are you going to lay the floor tiles in a subway pattern?

    We recently re-did our kitchen and installed lots of white subway tile from HD and love the look & can't beat the price!

  2. The floor tile looks great with the carpet! We used the same subway, and went with Pearl Gray for the grout. It's darker without being black. You can see pics of the grout here:

  3. cant wait to see the finished kitchen! we too just updated our kitchen. we used white subway tiles in a herringbone pattern and then delorean gray for the grout. at first it seemed way dark but its dried to a beautiful perfect gray and I love it.

  4. I am so glad our tutorial helped you! You are going to be obsessed with how easy the process is when using Bondera! Good luck on completing such a huge project!
    Dream Book Design

  5. I think we used that exact floor tile in our kitchen reno. Is it 18 by 18? We also used oyster gray grout on the floors and I wish I would have gone one shade darker. We have two big dogs who linger around the kitchen and dining room where we laid the tile and it gets quite dirty. I have already cleaned it with a toothbrush four or five times in a little over a year. It's pretty when it's clean though! Good luck!

  6. Can you tell me the name of your floor tile? I really like it!

  7. Cannot wait to see the end results...I am also interested in the floor tile?
    Mine is ready to be replaced and my carpet is similiar.

  8. We just did our backsplash using Bondera. It was our first time doing tile, I was 37 weeks pregnant and we had a toddler underfoot-- and I can't tell you how easy Bondera made the process! Pre-mixed grout also made the process easier. Good luck!

  9. Craigslist or kijiji are really great for appliances, even inexpensive hood vents. When we needed one replaced, we got the cheapest one at a big box store but later realized how many great and basic ones there were online.

  10. Your kitchen looks great! I am super curious what the dimensions are from one side of the kitchen to the other... i.e. from the front of the dishwasher to the front of the cabinets on the either side. Would love to know if I could do something similar with my kitchen!

    - Lindsay


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