Monday, June 17, 2013

Loving Lately

We're finally deep into summer and I'm loving it! I'm currently loving pieces that feel very summery to me :)

1 - Rag & Bone Light Wash Jeans - I've been loving the light wash jean look since seeing this picture on Pinterest.

2 - Lemon Velvet Pillow with Greek Key Trim - These pillows are AMAZING. The yellow is perfection..

3 - This before & after from Chairloom is also perfect.. what an amazing mix of classic (base) and crazy (hot pink).

4 - Cote D'Azur X Bench - I really love these faux crocodile x-benches I recently put into my shop.

5 - Bario Neal Diamond Bracelet - My mom has an old ring that she said we could maybe do something with... and ever since she mentioned that, I've been obsessed with Bario Neal's pieces and have been wanting to use them to make a custom piece.


  1. Great list. Also, Jamie Meares posted about your new living room lamps today!

  2. Love the diamond bracelet. It reminds me of the ring I received for graduation from Diamonds Direct in Charlotte.

  3. Eeeek, those pillows are amazing! I didn't know this Etsy shop... Thanks for the introduction! :)


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