Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Grasscloth Love

I have a client who has a 1960's house with a perfect little entry for wallpaper. As you know, I'm a huge fan of grasscloth and was really excited when she she asked a) if I could help her with the entry and b) could we do grasscloth? YES!

Inspiration Image, Markham Roberts

A couple little things are changing from the board I presented (above), but overall the space will have the same vibe. I can't wait!!

PS- Mother's Day is coming up! If you spend $200 or more at Joy & Revelry and enter code ILOVEMOM you'll receive a free Modern Quill Pen (value $24)!


  1. This will be so pretty!

  2. Love it!! The space is going to look great!!

  3. Love it! Any chance you could post a hint, coughhintcough* to where you found that mirror??? I'm looking for two mirrors for my currently-being-remodeled-bathroom and I'd like something similar. So far the front-runner is the Brayden Arch mirror, but the color of the frame isn't quite right. .....and the cost, there's that too. Maybe you could post a link to where you like to shop for mirrors (wink, wink)??


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