Monday, March 25, 2013

Interesting Art Source

I was sourcing art the other day and my client said "What about Gallery Direct?" I had never heard of this site before, but it's actually really cool. (Sooo many online art website can be so cheesy and bad!)

Here is what I saw that peaked my interest...

So, this website has the option to print directly onto acrylic. I've never ordered from them, so I really cannot attest to the quality or what it would look like in person. But there is a little video on this page that explains the process.

Here are some prints that I think would be great on acrylic (click on the image to be directed to the site):

(my personal favorite.. I love swans. Where could I put it.. hmmm)

Another cool option they provide is printing on birchwood. Here is a print that would be really pretty printed on a piece of wood:
I've never ordered from this site so like I said above, I have no idea what their quality is like! But their prices are good (everything always is on sale) so you don't have to invest too much. 

Have any of you guys ordered from this site (specifically on acrylic)?

ps - this post isn't in anyway an advertisement.. the company has no idea I'm writing about them. I was just intrigued by the acrylic printing so I decided to share it with you!


  1. Great site!! Thank youso much for sharing! Let us know the quality if you find out!

  2. I have ordered from them before and had a great experience, they have very reasonable prices and my art arrived really securely packaged. I uploaded a picture and had it printed on canvas and I can tell it's well made, not sure about the acrylic though.

  3. Very cool. My parents have some art printed on metal, almost like powder coating. It's very cool.

  4. Perfect timing! On the hunt for affordable art for clients right now!

  5. So neat! The ones on the wood look especially sweet

  6. Very the acrylic idea.....

  7. I just ordered an Audubon print on acrylic for my nursery from them. My sister actually works for them and said you can upload your own images as well! I'll let you know how the acrylic turns out (ill admit it was a total gamble)

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