Tuesday, February 26, 2013


My mother in law is in town (we're going to NY this weekend with the whole family to celebrate her birthday, can't wait!!!) and yesterday we ran to IKEA for some client things.

But we walked through the upstairs (I don't do that often) and came across this stainless steel island.

We both LOVED it and were dreaming about it in my own kitchen. I love the idea of a sleek, stainless steel island with more classic white cabinets surrounding it. And to take this day dream a little further, I would bring in hardwood floors, add black granite on the stainless steel island, princess white quartzite on the rest of the kitchen, and marble subway tile for the backsplash. I love a lot of mixed elements in kitchen (as long as they are classic!)

I also browsed the hardware selection at IKEA and came across these "lucite" (okay, they were acrylic) pulls:

SATTA Pulls, 6 for $3
I'll be filing these away for someday.. the clear pulls would look really cool on an antique wooden dresser, or something!

I also picked up two of these outdoor pillows:

GRENO Outdoor Pillow, $9
I am so, so excited that Home Depot asked me to participate in another style challenge, this time it's for the patio!!! Which is AMAZING because our patio needs the most help out of anything at our house.

I'll tell you more about the challenge soon, but for now I'm crossing my fingers the IKEA pillows will work!


  1. Great Finds! Can you pick the countertop material for the stainless steal island? I love that it has so many drawers!

  2. Loving the stainless steel island. It is so different, it will deffinently give your kitchen a custom feel. I need to make a stop at Ikea to pick up those pulls!

  3. oooo good find on the outdoor pillows - i might need to pick up a few! excited to see what your patio project brings!

  4. I thought lucite was made of acrylic?

  5. Camila@effortless-styleFebruary 26, 2013 at 10:43 AM

    I saw that stainless steel island too. I loved it, but the only downside was all of the finger prints! The one in my local store was covered with them.

  6. Love the island! Lucite is acrylic!

  7. I have a stainless steel island like this from ikea in my kitchen, it has a honed marble top. I am planning on changing out the doors, drawers, etc b/c it is a pain to keep clean. Fingerprints, drips, etc. all show up. When it's freshly polished, it looks great though.

  8. i saw that one, totally fell in LOVE too! interesting- i didnt see the lucite handles though!!


  9. I'm a huge fan of IKEA as well. I think that a lot of their pieces can mix so well with more expensive/higher quality stuff. PLUS, I gotta give them some major props for their newest collection. So many new things that I've been loving over there lately.

  10. If you use those acrylic handles, buy extras!! I used the knobs from the same line for a project and had a few issues. Some of the holes weren't drilled all the way through so the screws wouldn't go in far enough, and, a bunch of them were broken/cracked at the bottom (where they touch the wood/cabinet/whatever you're attaching them to). They still look really cool though and are worth it for the cheap price. :)


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