Friday, February 1, 2013


I'm currently in the process of finishing up a couple projects, so I've especially had my eye on accessories and detail shots.

[images above via here ]

I come from the "less is more" camp of decorators when it comes to accessories. Some designers use a ton, and they are really great at it, but I'm more of a minimalist.

I really love picking a couple pieces that are simple but interesting. I was out sourcing the other day and here are some pictures I took of some accessories to remember: 

On Monday I'll share pictures with you of two bookcases I recently styled.

Happy Friday!


  1. Bryn,

    One of my favorite parts of the design process! I love how so much of a person's story can come out through adding decorative objects to a space. A constant balance to make sure it's value added and not subtracted from the overall design, though :)

    Live Inspired,

  2. I love the look of coffee and end tables stacked with books and finished with little sculptural accessories, but sometimes I wonder how practical it is. The whole point of having those tables is to rest a drink there or something. If it's covered in stuff, there's not much room for doing that. Plus, I know this sounds silly, but i don't quite trust my guests (or roommates) to not place a cold, sweaty glass directly on top of a book. I'm totally conflicted when it comes to accessorizing tables!

  3. I need those riding things for Jacks nursery!!!

  4. There is something very pleasing about discovering a treasure out in the world that becomes a much loved 'detail' in a home. The fifth picture caught my eye, the colours and textures are lovely. Thanks for sharing and have a happy weekend.

  5. Mary | lemongroveblog.comFebruary 1, 2013 at 5:31 PM

    Beautiful pictures! Love those little carved ducks :)

  6. Do you have source links? The link you provided takes us back to pinterest.

  7. I always forget that about the books being turned backwards. It's a great tip.


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