Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I've got my eye on......

Here are some things that I have my eye one... aka "currently loving"....

I wonder if the design world is very slowly moving past cool grays?  For as long as I've been a designer grays have been IT. Erin (who owns Isabella) tells me of the days when dark chocolate brown and blues were the thing, and then came along gray.

I start to wonder because I have been SO drawn to warm taupe-y "French Grays" lately. Like this color:

I presented a plan to a new design client with this color for the walls:

And I loooooooove it! It's warm and cozy but still has gray in it.

Here is my favorite use of Brandon Beige that I have seen:

[ via ]

SO pretty. One of my lifelong dreams is to buy a brick house and paint it white. Someday...

Here is Brandon Beige inside: 

[ via ]

For all of you out there who went gray crazy.. don't worry. It's not going anywhere ANY time soon. And remember, I'm right there with you:

My 'Gunmetal Gray' by Benjamin Moore bedroom

But I've definitely had my eye on warm beige-y grays lately!

I also have my eye on plate walls. I love them (in dining rooms) and I really really want to do one in our dining room. I was hoping to do one before Thanksgiving, but I want to give my bank account a break after tiling the bathrooms. But someday!

The best plate wall ever: 

[ via ]

Plates & a mirror!

Angie Hranowsky's Plate Wall: 

I also have my eye on small Christmas trees lately! We are traveling for Christmas, and this year I really want to do a small, real tree sitting on the skirted table in our family room. 

I know these things are super random, but that's usually how my brain works ;)


  1. I love Brandon Beige too! I have that house photo saved.. and the brick house in my town I want to buy and paint white already picked out.. Great minds!

  2. that first plate!! can't wait to see yours come to life. we're also doing a small christmas tree and i LOVE the first image - thanks for sharing that great inspiration!

  3. where is the last pic from?

  4. I am with you....gray is here. And I am so glad that plates on the wall are kinda of back. When I started in the bus 20 years ago....we did a lot of that :)


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