Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our Master Bedroom

As I mentioned on Monday, I took some pictures of our house in it's current state to share on the blog. I was in a hurry, and didn't realize until after the fact that there was a large smudge on the lens resulting in cloudy photos :-/ I definitely lack in skills in the photography department!

However, I did still update my house page in case you are curious. I'll update again with some non-blurry pictures once I get around to taking more ;)

I do have some pictures of our master bedroom to share with you! I don't believe I ever did a "reveal" after working on this room. A big reason for that is that it's not finished! But oh well, here are some pictures anyway :)

And here is what makes this room unfinished:

If you remembered, I sewed these linen drapes from IKEA (which I posted EXACTLY a year ago... bizarre!) but I could never get all the wrinkles out completely and that really bugged me, so I took them down. I will be replacing them with these plain white drapes from IKEA that I already own (but just need to hem).

(I won't be wasting the old linen drapes.. I am going to use that linen as a new background for my handmade paper artwork since the linen I originally used for that project is a little too brown.)

The main piece I'm missing is a mirror for above the dresser. I found a great one and ordered it, and then it ended up being backordered for like 8 months - I'm not kidding! Usually if something is backordered for that long, there is something wrong so I canceled the order.

That's okay though, because I have my eyes on this beautiful mirror from Bliss Studios:

I've mentioned this before, but I don't love our reddish wooden sleigh bed, but let's be real - sometimes we just have to work with what we have! I want to wait to get a new bed when we can afford to buy a nice one (and most importantly, a nice mattress) and right now we don't want/need a king bed but we may change our mind when later down the road we have little ones who want to climb into our bed! So that's something we're going to wait on.

Here are the sources for our bedroom:

Paint - Gunmetal by Benjamin Moore
Fabric Side Tables - IKEA Expedit Bookcase with Thom Filicia Fabric Skirt (POST HERE)
Dresser - An antique auction purchase, I had it painted (POST HERE)
Bedside Lamps - JCP (POST HERE
Gold Sconces - Robert Abbey
Paper Art - I did this as a DIY (POST HERE)
Settee - A vintage Craigslist find, reupholstered in Pindler fabric
Artwork - I had my friend Amanda (who I had a booth at Slate with) paint this piece for me. It's a adaptation of a piece of art that I saw HERE in Carol Reed's living room.

Phew! This post was LONG overdue..


  1. We had a queen sized bed too until midway through pregnancy with baby #2 and we upsized to a Cal King. Great decision, since now we have 3 little ones and they do take up space in the mornings for snuggling/book reading!

    I love your dark wall colors and the giant artwork, I'm going to browse around your site to see if I get any more inspiration do make some art for our bedroom which is almost the same color but has nothing on the walls except right over the bed:)


  2. Its beautiful!  Rich and sultry!  Love it.  Especially those brass sconces above the bed!

  3. It's such a beautiful room! Love the settee! Can't wait to see the little tweaks that will for sure put it over the top!

  4. Love the paint on the walls! When you are ready to get a mattress, you should definitely go to Mattress Source (formerly Factory Mattress) in Charlotte). My husband's family owns the stores and if you want to email me before you go, I can help you get a friends and family discount. I've read your blog for years, but rarely comment (mostly because my work blocks site with in the URL) but nevertheless would love to hook a sistah up. c'est la vie!

  5. beautiful bedroom! I am renovating mine soon and I had my eye on that sleigh bed!

  6. Can you paint the bed? That would make such a HUGE impact.

  7.  Hey that's not a bad idea!! Maybe glossy black?

  8. Love love LOVE this room!

  9. I was going to say the same... Paint it!

  10. What about painting the bed? a flat black or something.

  11. It is amazing what curtains do to warm up any room.  Can't wait to see.

  12. So cool!  can you tell me if you can still purchase the Kevin O'Brien woods pillow?  I would love to have one.

  13. Really love the contrast between the sconces and the lamps.

  14. For me, I like the warmth that the wooden bed gives the room....if you wanted to work really hard then you could always apply an ebony gel stain over it.  Otherwise...your room is a beautiful mix and you should be pleased!!!

  15. Michelle RemingtonJuly 27, 2012 at 11:05 AM

    Oh, I LOVE this color scheme for a bedroom. And I always enjoy a few brass pieces. Great job Bryn! P.S. I actually like the contrast of the wood bed with everything else in the room. If anything, I would maybe try to stain it a dark walnut but that's if you’re feeling really ambitious ;)

  16. Puuuurfect!!! Will look awesome~

  17. Tessa @twoinspiredesign.comSeptember 16, 2012 at 4:47 PM

    Going back and seeing posts I missed on your site...I too have gunmetal in my bedroom and when I posted new built-ins I did in the room, got a lot of emails asking for the color. LOVE it. Fun to see it with such different pieces. Also love the mirror you're eyeing...did you pull the trigger?

  18. Found you through pinterest!! My fiance and I just bought a house and i just painted our bedroom (so weird to say... can't wait until we get married so I can live there!!) this color. It looks like you pulled in some blue colors. Do you have any suggestions for color that I could pull in? It looks like you have great style!


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