Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's May

Yesterday was May 1st and I didn't even get a chance to blog... but I am here today to say that May is going to be a crazy, crazy, crazy month for me so I apologize in advance for my posts!

Let's do a hodge podge of thoughts & updates, shall we?

- In case you are curious about the floors update, we decided against the laminate. THANK YOU again for your honest opinions, they really did help ;) I've had two guys come out to look at our current floors. Guy #1 said they can be sanded and re-stained (once) but it will cost $3.50/sq. ft versus the normal $2 because it uses more sand paper... ? Guy $2 said absolutely not, it cannot be done.. our floors are absolutely too thin. I don't know what to think... I am going to have a third guy come out.

- Remember the floral curtains client? Well, she went with option #2... a room full of this wallpaper:

I am so so so so excited!!

- Another thing I'm excited about... this chandelier going in a dining room:

So pretty :)

- Today I am adding the finishing touches on a large project before my client's parents come to visit this weekend. This job had a very tight budget, I am excited to share it with you to show you some of my "tight budget" sources and tricks!

One of my favorite local arists, Jennifer Levine, dropped off some art for this project. It's sooooo pretty I was dying!

(It actually goes vertical, I just took the picture horizontally)

Here is a little vignette also from the same project. Just kidding, it's not a vignette (yet).. I took this picture so I could remember what it looked like while looking for frames.

And with that, I'll leave you with this picture of the current state of our guest bathroom:

A couple Saturday's ago I went and bought paint and thought I was going to paint this bathroom quickly in one afternoon. After cutting in half a wall with all those crazy corners I said hell to the no and closed the door on the project. Luckily last week there was a Groupon for painters and I couldn't click "buy" fast enough. My poor MIL is coming this weekend and the painters can't come until the 16th... Sorry MIL! Maybe we can lean the vanity mirror up against the wall? :-/



  1. I love that art and I cant wait to see it all installed and in its new home!

  2. Oh, that art...she's amazing! Funny about the groupon, there's something to be said about perfect timing.

  3. Ha! I'm laughing out loud at "hell to the no." Can't wait to see the finished bathroom!

  4. good luck with your floors! Can gut # 1 do a test spot? So you can get an idea of how the color will turn out?

  5. So much random goodness packed into one post.  May is going to fly by for you.


  6. the voice of experienceMay 2, 2012 at 5:06 PM

    Although this comment uses poor grammar, it's SO TRUE:

    Good work ain't cheap;
    Cheap work ain't good.
    Please keep this mind when you decide what you'll do with your floors.

  7. Jamie HerzlingerMay 2, 2012 at 6:02 PM

    The Jennifer Levine piece is beautiful!!!

  8. the chandelier with the bulbs look so awesome!!

  9. where can you get the chandelier?


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