Monday, May 28, 2012

I'm Back! Vacation Recap

First, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day! I hope you are enjoying your day (especially if you have it off!)

I definitely didn't plan on taking so much time off from my blog, but I am happy to report I am BACK and I hope some of you didn't leave me for good :)

This past week we were on vacation with our college BFFs. Throughout college the four of us were inseparable.. Erin and I were roommates and Matt and Drew were roommates. And in 2007, both Matt & I and Erin & Drew got married. They have since had a little girl... the sweetest, cutest and best behaved baby ever! Our week with them was just like old times, all of us in one house. We have vowed to do a yearly vacation together, this was year #2 (last year was Colorado).

Erin, Drew & Baby Claire (14 months)

Matt & I

For our vacation, we rented a beach house in Folly Beach, SC, right outside of Charleston.

Before we headed down to Charleston, we had a group do the local Warrior Dash 5K. I just recently started running so I was in no shape to do a 5K.. plus someone needed to watch baby Claire, so I gladly volunteered and cheered everyone on. Maybe next year! I was so proud of everyone!


Our first day at the beach we went to Charleston and ate at Husk (this was my second time at Husk, I LOVE that restaurant. It's sooo good!)

I just adore Charleston and all the beautiful historic homes. I dream of having an old home someday (maybe not as old as the ones in Charleston..)



Cutest little girl ever, I love her!


Our beach house was steps from the beach and backed up to the marsh. It was so beautiful and relaxing (the only bummer.. the mosquitoes!)


The beach house was completely dog friendly, so we were able to take Char along with us.. Claire ADORED her!!


We spent the days at the beach and the nights playing cards and throwing back some cold ones.. it was so awesome.


We also visited a Charleston plantation which was very fascinating.

The outside of the plantation home was soooo beautiful. I LOVED the style of architecture and the black moulding with the brick. The original house burned down during the Civil War, so this house that we toured was pretty modest in terms of size (it was a guest house). IMG_1004

Pictures from the slavery tour..


It was an AWESOME vacation full of lifelong friendship, really good food, interesting sights and lots of relaxing/playing in the waves. I am back to work today, full speed ahead!!


In case anyone is curious, here are some links to our favorite places during our vacation:

Our Beach Rental - Unleashed in Folly Beach, SC (great location, super dog friendly, great size for two couples, and very budget friendly)
Charleston, SC Restaurant - HUSK (one of our favorites in Charleston)
Plantation Tour - Middleton Place Plantation 
Folly Beach Food - We loved Taco Boy and Folly Beach Shrimp Company
Folly Beach Pier - We loved going to the pier and seeing fisherman catch (and release) sharks!



  1. Beautiful pictures Bryn, what a great way to make memories!

  2. Aww, I'm jealous! Charleston looks so beautiful!

  3. so glad you had a good time! love your blog!

  4. Was just there, must have missed you by a day literally. I love Husk, you guys look so cute out front, I recognized their lanterns, ha! Also, can we just talk about how their service seems to be declining everytime I pass through town?! Middleton Place is always wonderful. I have some serious crazy garden photos I'll have to share some time. Looks like a great time!

  5. Great pictures - what great places!!!  Do you remember driving through Charleston when you were young?  Anyway, SO jealous - what a great trip!

  6. I live in Charleston!!! :) 
    I've been to all of those places/visit regularly. I work just down the street from Husk, isn't it amazing food! 
    So glad you came and enjoyed our beautiful city! 

  7. I think hammerheads are the only shark that don't scare me to death.  Some friends rented a beach place in Hauula (Oahu) a couple years back and they caught a baby hammerhead or two while everybody was fishing.  They were surprisingly cute :)  Looks like an awesome vacation!

  8. Love the recap!  Which we could just do the week over again!!!  So much fun!  Now we have to start planning next year :)

  9. Great pictures!  Where did you get those adorable orange wedges?

  10. Those houses are very
    wonderful! Wow! Aside from the beach house itself, I also love the view! I can
    stay all day long there with my dog beside me! The smile on your faces is a
    sign that all of you had an awesome vacation!



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