Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Find

If you read my blog, you know I absolutely LOVE love love West Elm's Jute Boucle rugs.

They are so budget friendly, soft and they seriously get even better looking and softer with age.

Right now West Elm is having a 15% off rug sale, so if you are in need of a natural rug you MUST take advantage of this!!

Flax is my all time favorite color, but I used Platinum in the pink room I recently shared, and their new color Iron is really cool. 

Also, here is a little tip of mine. Use the 2x3 size in your bathroom! That's what we have and it's perfect and doesn't look bathroom-y.


  1. So pretty. A classic. We really like the fact it does not have a banding on the edge. Have a great weekend.

  2. I love it.... but honestly, how do you clean it?  Because my first thought in a bathroom is that it would look great, but ewwww......Then again, I have children, but still dust, general germs.

  3. Hey Bryn,
    Would this rug be soft enough for babies to crawl on? I have never seen it in person and would love your opinion.  Thanks!

  4. I'm wondering how you clean it too. Does it slide around a lot, or do you have something under it?

  5. Bryn, do you find that they vacuum OK?  I usually buy mountain grass, but I bought a jute rug for our guest room ... and I've not been happy with how it has pulled.  

  6. Bethany - Powell Brower HomeMay 11, 2012 at 11:09 AM

    you totally hooked me on these when you first talked about salvaging the one you had at isabella that got wet.  i have the ivory one in my LR and I love it.  A bit light so it shows wear, but I dont care, I love it.  It vaccuums right up and once a year my mom and I take it out on the driveway and steam it with a steam vaccuum.  Thanks for the tip all those years ago!

  7. I'm wondering about "shedding." We had a jute rug from PB before, and the fibers broke off and the rug literally shed. We thought something was wrong with our dog, so we took him to the vet, had him monitored... came to realize it was the dumb rug and not dog hair piled up in every square inch of the house. We replaced it with seagrass, which has been awesome, but we're in the market for another. I love the look of jute, but...

    Any thoughts?

  8. I'm really glad you posted this - I had been eyeing the one with the steel/dark grey border for our bathroom but I was worried it wouldn't be soft enough underfoot for a bathroom.

  9. Georgine JeffriesMay 14, 2012 at 9:10 AM

    I was just kicking myself for getting the recycled denim ( rug for our dining room instead of the jute, but then remembered a jute IKEA runner I had didn't last 2 months without permanently staining. I did some research and found this post on Jenny's blog and most of the comments had negative experiences with jute stains. What are your tips to clean?? I have the runner in the basement now and it's fine except for the stains :(

    Otherwise you are right, the jute rugs especially at West Elm are Gorgeous!! XO

  10. Seriously those rugs are great. I heard that Charleston is finally getting a West Elm (albeit 2 years out, but still nice that it seems to be happening). xx, Chassity


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