Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hint of Pink

I like how these spaces have a very subtle hint of pink on their walls...

[ sara gilbane ]

[ source unknown.. I think it was Domino? ]

[ Effortless Style ]

I've read numerous times that this is the most flattering wall color that you can put on your walls. And the first space doesn't feel "girly" at all.

I've thinking about this lately for a new client....


  1. I love pink.  It's not for everybody though.  That pale pink is so pretty.  I had also heard that pink is very flattering and makes you look more youthful.  I should paint the whole house pink-Ha!

  2. i painted my breakfast room a shade of pale pink! and I'm not even a pink person! but i love! 

  3. Do you have any experience with WHAT colors specifically yield that glowy result?  iw as thinking of doing our bedroom in Martha's Elderflower/berry (cant remember which one)... but was worried the hubs would flip that its kinda pink.  Anything youve used before that just HINTS at it???


  4. I really want to paint our master bedroom a really pale pink but my husband refuses to wrap his head around it because it's too "girly" of course. I'm trying to find something close that will convince him it isn't a girly color- any suggestions?

  5. I wish I could convince my husband that the office should be pink.  Too bad he is the one that uses it the most.

  6. Love this too! Planning on painting our master bedroom this color soon and seeing the other comments....I'm so thankful for a sweet hubby who is on board! :)

  7. I painted my guestroom Benjamin Moore Pink Damask which is basically cream with a little hint of pink and I love it.  It opens up the room so much but makes it feel warm

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