Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Folding Screen Headboard...?

Yesterday I was at World Market picking up some stuff for clients and I came across this awesome folding screen (going into that store is dangerous... I find great stuff for clients but then I find great stuff for me. ah!)


I LOVE anything and everything that resembles the pattern of a cane back chair.

I thought it would be a really great headboard and at $130 the price isn't bad at all.

But it's a bit shorter than a queen sized bed (what we have in our guest room). Queens are typically 60 x 80. This screen is about 54" flat, so that's 6" too short (3" on each side). That would probably bug me! It would work great for a full, though!

I found these images on Pinterest...

I love this look, I was even thinking it'd be cool to hang a small round mirror on the World Market screen above the bed.

I bookmarked this image in my Cottage Living many years ago, and I still love it just the same!

Here is an example of a screen that is just a bit too short for the bed. Thoughts?

Maybe I'll search on Overstock... or hold out and someday get an upholstered headboard :)


  1. isnt world market great for those things?  love that!  wish i could work, because that first picture is AWESOMESAUCE


  2. I think that would bother me too! But perfect for a full. Great find!!! Fingers crossed for finding one on overstock :-)
    I LOVE world market, my fav is their white cheddar organic popcorn. I totally ate an entire bag by myself in one sitting! so yum


  3. What about mounting it the other direction, so the panels go horizontally. You didn't give a height measurement so not sure if that would be even smaller... but just a thought. :)

  4. I have a vintage asian wooden screen as a headboard. However, I've realized, that I need to take it out from behind, and remove the hinges, then put them back in all the same direction. I'm also not sure how to mount it - so I need to figure that out.

  5. You could add some wood trim to the sides to widen it.  Then stain or paint the trim.
    I'm surprised you haven't made an upholstered headboard.  They are so easy.

  6. Wait for the upholstered!!  The screen would be great for a guest bedroom but not the master.

  7. I don't know how much they are, but have you thought about buying 2 of them? The panels are just attached with hinges. You could take a panel off one of the screens and attach it to the other one. That would give you four panels, just like the second picture.

  8. I bought one similar to this at JoAnn's last year on sale for $75! I was so excited.  I was worried it would be a bit too short, but it honestly looks great. I love it. 

  9. What about painting a large square or rectangle either in the same shade as the screen or in a contrasting color?  You could just hang the screen and use the painted area as a "frame" or you could take the screen apart and hang the panels separately with a bit of space between them (and the color will come through)?

  10. The short width would bug me too, so I'd just frame it out to the width I'd need. Take your measurements to Home Depot and they can cut the frame pieces to size for you! But I did an upholstered headboard for our guest room's queen bed and love it. So easy and mega cheap.

  11. What a fabulous idea! I love World Market too and always seem to get in trouble there.

  12. I keep trying to picture the screens separated and mounted to the wall . That way you could space the to gain the extra 6 " ? You might loose some of the "screen" look but the texture and color would be so cool as a headboard?

  13. I like the look- maybe you could frame it out with moldings or a larger board upholstered in fabric... something like that to give the screen more width and substance. Just a thought. I love the first image you used with the Ju Ju... It feels very 'global'.

  14. I love this look...flexible AND unique.  I prefer the idea of keeping it screen-like... I think it adds more of a laid back feel (though ornate screens like this are inherently more formal).  Nice find!

  15. I have that exact same screen. I use it as headboard. I never thought about hanging a mirror over it. Its a great idea cant wait to try it out. 


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