Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas List

Every year when Christmas rolls around and our families start asking us what we'd like, we tell them "cash for stuff for the house". This year some cash would be great for some not-so-fun things like new door knobs and hardware, BUT instead I decided what the heck, I'll add some things I'd love but never buy for myself.

So in case you are curious, here are the "fun" things I've added to my Christmas List*!

Frye Melissa Button Boots

Celerie Kemble Black & White

Gold Link Necklace

West Elm Tree Snow Globe
(I saw this tree snow globe in the store and fell in love. It's SO beautiful! And I have a soft spot for trees because they were all around us when we got married.)

* My family uses - it makes things so much easier and everyone except the gift receiver can see when something is purchased.


  1. I just saw the snow globes in the West Elm catalog I am in love. I want to add it to my Christmas list too! 

  2. Aw Bryn - such lovely present ideas!  Hope you get everything you wish for!


  3. elfster? never heard of it. interesting.

    those boots are awesome. i hear ya on wanting things for the home. sometimes I prefer people get me things I need in order to free up my money to get things I want.

  4. I bought those exact Frye boots last year on a whim and LOVE them!   Color is perfect, fit is great, and the button tabs add the right touch. Even if they don't end up under the christmas tree you should still go out any buy them ;) Bit pricey but Frye boots will last you a lifetime!

    PS Love the simplicity of those snowglobes, I would actually use those! Great find

  5. We picked up the nutcracker snow globe for our Christmas stash. The best part is that their viscosity is great so the snow gently falls! Love those boots.

  6. i have been admiring those same boots for some time now!! and the site is great, thanks for sharing (

  7. I created an elfster gift exchange for my family after hearing about it from you... what a good idea for families in the digital age that live far apart!!
    The boots are MAH-JOR , please show them off after Santa drops them off for you ;)

  8. i've been looking for a tiny necklace that i could just leave on all the time and layer when i feel like it - that one is PERFECT!!

  9. i've never heard of elfster before, smart!

  10. Bryn, I feel like we're kindred spirits sometimes. I bought one of those IKEA faux fur rugs to layer on top of the rug in my dressing room, and my dog has claimed it. He's a 70 lb lab, and he curls up in a little ball to fit on it!
    My family is using Elfster this year for our gift exchange! I love that you can put direct links to things -- even from Etsy -- on your wishlist.
    I am the one who originally tried to get that campaign dresser, but it didn't work out. I was bummed, because I wanted to meet you, because I feel like we're already friends (even though you don't know me). But I probably would have been awk..... haha!

  11. Bryn, get the Frye boots!  They are so well made and comfortable.  I just bought the Melissa boots, but the ones with the zipper up the back from, they are on sale for 33% off right now : )  I know they are a splurge, but well worth it, you will have them for many years.


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