Monday, November 28, 2011

DIY Ruffled Christmas Tree

I was recently asked by Waverly to be a part of their 12 Waverly Bloggers of Christmas! We will be creating DIY holiday crafts with Waverly materials. The series runs from today (I'm up first!) until 12/23.


My holiday craft idea came from Pinterest when I saw a pin for this ruffled tree skirt:

I have a couple feather trees that I got last year and I thought a ruffled tree would look great with them.

This project is SO easy! The materials are:

- A hot glue gun
- A Styrofoam tree form
- Fabric (one sheer and one solid works well)

I chose Waverly's Peony Organza for the sheer and for the solid I chose Heritage Natural. You can search all of Waverly's fabrics on their website here.


This is the Christmas tree shaped cone I purchased at Michaels for this project:


I really liked the look of the frayed edges on the ruffle skirt above, so I decided to rip the solid fabric instead of cut it.


I measured all my pieces to be four inches wide (as shown). Just cut a little bit and then rip the rest and the piece will rip evenly.

The sheer can't be ripped because of the chenille peonies, so I cut these pieces very carefully to make sure the edges were even. These pieces are also four inches wide.

To start, I glued the end of the solid fabric onto the cone:

And then added a line of hot glue to start the ruffling:


You want to work in small sections like this. The ruffles don't have to be perfect (in fact it looks better if they aren't). Just bunch up the fabric and glue, it's very simple and there is no right or wrong way.


Be very careful!! The hot glue is very hot and my fingers were tender after this project.

Here is the finished first layer:

Next add a ruffled layer of your sheer right above the solid:

To make sure you don't cover up the pretty sheer layer, add the next solid layer an inch or so higher than the sheer:


You'll repeat these steps until you get to the top! When I got to the top I just gathered and glued the sheer carefully to make sure it looked pretty when pleated :)

And here is the final result!


And here is my new fabric tree with the feather tree I mentioned earlier.

Go to Waverly's facebook page to enter to win two $100 gift cards to JoAnn Fabrics and Michael's so you can create your own Christmas blogger diy craft!

Thanks Waverly for including me, it was really fun!


  1. Hi Bryn,  Your new tree is so cute.  I want to make one.  You mentioned your fabric strips were 4" wide but how long was each strip?

  2. Bryn - that's adorable!  Great alternative to a feather or glitter tree...

  3. Each strip is the length of the fabric (54") and I just cut it off where it met the start of the glued fabric.  At the base it pretty much took up the entire length of the fabric.

  4. I love it! How creative! I might need to make one for myself now. Thanks for the inspiration1

  5. It's so cute!  I love ruffles!  Great job!

  6. Super cute Bryn! The trees are darling!


  7. Love this idea! Looks adorable with your feather trees too.

  8. Very pretty! I love the feather tree as well.

  9. Love this.  Looks great with your feather tree!

  10. TheresnoplacelikehomeNovember 28, 2011 at 4:58 PM

    Great Idea - love it!

  11. Love this and it looks so easy! I was so excited that it didn't involve a sewing machine!

  12. What a great idea. Your ruffle Christmas tree is so pretty.

  13. Sooooo cute!!!! Thanks for sharing Bryn! I am definitely trying this one with my Waverly fabric!

  14. I LOVEEEEEE THIS! so cool 

  15. so pretty and it looks so easy!

  16. OMG LOVE! What a great idea!

  17. this is such a great idea, and awesome diy step by step.. thanks for sharing!! (; tiffany

  18. great job! i love all things sparkly and ruffly at christmas time!

  19. how fun is that!  I also love the tree skirt on pintereset!


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