Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Steals & Deals

There are some great deals that I have stumbled upon lately and I thought I would share them with you!

First up is this West Elm sconce. It looks so much more expensive than it's $129 price tag.

Caitlin is the queen of finding and pinning the best things. Through her pins I found this awesome tufted chair for only $380:

It also comes in gray:

Also on Overstock is this beautiful chair for only $650:

This may not be a "steal" but it's definitely a deal... this pillow is so gorgeous. It's 26" (Euro size) embroidery on linen which makes the $125 well worth it. It reminds me of Dransfield & Ross.

I'd love to decorate a sexy bedroom around it and throw in some magenta.

And somewhat unrelated, I found these chunky heels that are perfect for fall. I think they are a good deal at $105.

I am constantly on my feet all day long so I have to find shoes that are first and foremost comfortable, then cute. All summer I lived in these (in tan) and I need to find a fall equivelent. I think these chunky heels could work?

Now the question is should I get black (above) or tan?


  1. Those tufted chairs are gorgeous and such a great price! They are perfect for anyone on a budget. 

  2. Awesome finds!! I adore that embroidered pillow and the tufted chair - $380 is a steal! 
    xo AllisonSpicer +

  3. I was just searching for chairs this morning! Thanks for helping me out...great timing.

  4. Loving the chairs!!!!  Thanks for sharing!  I was not in the market for one, but one would look fantastic in my living room.

  5. i think the tan...just a little different.
    i love caitlins finds! i have a whole board on pinterest called affordable finds, but somehow missed that pretty tufted wingback! i need to go add it!

  6. Get Tan. Everyone wears black and too much of it!

  7. I just got some wedges that remind me of the cute shoes you're thinking about.....Urban Outfitter's, $20 on sale.  They come in black and tan and after having to walk 10 blocks in them I certify them as very comfortable :)

  8. I actually saw those chairs at market and they are amazing in person. The fabric is a great linen and they are super comfy. Such a find at that price. 

    Thanks for the little mention. You are a doll! 

  9. I like the tan shoes! 

  10. I have 2 Cafer Light Cream Club Chairs (last chair you listed @ $650) in my living room and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Great quality and style. I actually scored them at Marshall's for half that price! I know Marshall's/HomeGoods varies on what they have in-store, but keep an eye out. My store had them back in June. 

  11. Love those chair finds! DV by Dolce Vita shoes are super comfortable, I have a pair of wedges that are so easy to get around in even with a fairly high heel.

  12. I just bought that grey tufted chair from Overstock yesterday! Fingers crossed I like it just as much in person!

  13. The Cafed Club Chair is at HomeGoods for $329.00!  I'm buying 4 tomorrow.


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