Thursday, October 27, 2011

Making Progress

Yesterday around 4 pm I was bound and determined to finish my black french doors and get them up. It took me until 9 pm but I did it! It feels good to have a project finished (for the most part. I still need to do some touching up).

Finishing the doors must have been fate because this morning I was delivered a HUGE package. I was shocked to see my parents had shipped me the painting I have been wanting for a while!! It was so unexpected, I had planned on bringing it back with me while visiting them for Thanksgiving.

And the best part, they are coming today for a short visit. I'm sure my mom planned it out this way, but I'm so excited for them to see the painting hanging in our living room in person!



There is still soooo much to do in this room (like the rest of our home). In case you are curious:

- I won the cream chairs from Joss & Main. I plan on having them reupholstered and adding a skirt similar to this Lee chair:

I'm not sure in which color yet...

- Drapery Panels

- Paint table in between Joss & Main chairs

- New lamp & Mirror in Entry

- Sconces on either side of the painting

- Rug in entry (and eventually in the sitting area too but we need one in the entry first)


  1. Love the doors black, they look beautiful! Oh and that painting, what a wonderful surprise from your parents- the colors are perfect for the space.

  2. I am just loving it in there!  Slow but steady progress.  And that lotus gets me every time. 


  3. Bryn I just love how you show us the progression of your home decorating! Those chairs are gorgeous!!


  4. I love the painting. It is so soothing. I know its going to be fabulous when its all put together! 

  5. I love the print with those wingback chairs - gorgeous!!!

  6. Bryn, Your doors look great! The room is really coming together. I love that you're sharing it in real time. So many people get frustrated when they can't get it all done at once, but that's just not reality! Love your vision!

  7. Your painting and doors look spectacular! Those Lee chairs almost look slipcovered, which could be fun if you later decide you want to see the legs again.

  8. the lotus capiz makes the room!

    remember, slow and steady wins the race. home decorating takes time for normal folks with real budgets, but you're doing great.

  9. The black doors look amazing! I also love the painting hanging on the wall!

  10. Your room is looking great!  Love how the door balance out the chest and wingbacks!  The painting looks likeit was always meant for your space.

  11. It's looking beautiful! Great job Bryn!!

  12. It's really starting to come together! I'm in the same boat - a decorator with a tiny budget for my own home, so it goes very slowly. It's hard sometimes because I spend my days looking at gorgeous homes and products and wish mine would come together like that! Glad to see someone else taking the slow and steady route. And the painting is gorgeous! Complements the new black doors very well.

  13. Hi Bryn,

    I love the painting and the black doors!  I just can't tell you how much I adore your style.  To me, it is perfect!

  14. I found this great pillow for my bedroom and best part it was only $5.

  15. Just wondering what color and finish of paint your used to paint your doors.  I'm looking to do a similar project!  Thanks!


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