Monday, October 17, 2011

A great weekend with my husband

Every weekend I look around at the projects that need to be done in my house and think I'll tackle them. Then Sunday evening comes and I never got around to it! (I usually work on Saturdays which makes house projects a bit harder to tackle).

Even though I didn't tackle any projects this weekend, I had a fun weekend with Matt. Matt is a race fan and this past weekend was the Charlotte race and I always go with him. I like going to the races because:

+ I'm supporting my husband
+ The people watching is hilarious
+ It's exciting to see wrecks (as long as no one gets hurt).
+ Jimmie Johnson is SO hot


Whenever we go to a race we always sit in the front row. We were cracking up when we watched the recap the next day.. here we are behind my husband's favorite driver:

race pic copy

Sunday we went out to grab some lunch and realized we had accidentally dressed the same but in the reverse:



On a side note, the car we were in is a rental my husband was given for a recent work trip. The middle console flips up to make a seat. I couldn't believe cars still did that!

I know this post isn't typical on the blog, but I thought I'd share a little glimpse into our lives since I've been a failure at house projects lately!


  1. I like the little glimpse-into-life-outside-of-decorating posts, too! The outfit matching is hilarious. Happens to me and my bf too!!

  2. We were there as well! Glad JJ didn't get hurt - his wreck looked pretty ouchy! My guy almost pulled out the win - love me some Rowdy Busch!

    Awesome reverse-matching outfits.

    xoxo michele 

  3. I'm constantly heading out with my two daughters (5 and 3) only to discover we all match, totally by accident.  Isn't it funny how that happens?

  4. I am so glad someone else appreciates Jimmie Johnson's hotness. He rocks just like your blog. Glad you had fun at the race

  5. It must be funny to unexpectedly see yourself on tv! 

  6. I can't tell you how often me and my husband dress the same! Sometimes we try to force the other one to change, but usually we go out looking like twins ;)

  7. These posts are my FAVORITES!!!  More please :)


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