Tuesday, September 13, 2011

North Carolina - Represtent!

I know, I know by now you've probably seen these images a million times.. but I just had to do a post about it!

I've now lived in Charlotte, North Carolina a year and a half but it really feels like home for my husband and I. I was so proud and excited to see North Carolinian designer Lisa Sherry in the latest Lonny.

I've blogged about Lisa before (here and here and here). I've had the pleasure to meet her several times, do a little bit of freelance work for her and even walk market with her and her team. She has been so kind to me and she is truly one of my roll models. Her national (global?) recognition in Lonny is well-deserved!








all images via Lonny.


  1. Her feature was my fav by far in this month's Lonny!

  2. LOVED this house tour, especially the entryway! Perhaps we'll be seeing your NC home soon in Lonny...?

  3. You are too sweet... I WISH!!! 

  4. Fabulous entryway! That's an amazing house! The feature in Lonny was well deserved.

  5. Swoon! Love the library and the back porch - I would love to do something similar with a day bed on our back porch but worry about what type of fabrics and mildew/mold do you know her secret?

    Welcome to NC! We have been here 4 years from Idaho and love calling it home (although I miss my family).

    xoxo michele

  6. I really loved this home, but the thing I was drawn to the most was the zebra ottoman...i'm obsessed!

  7. My favorite this month too! How cool that you know her! I'm in love with that white chaise (well ok, with ALL of it, really).

  8. these were some of my favorite pics in the current issue !!

  9. Definitely my favorite from this issue! I have that same oly studio ottoman! 

  10. I love her use of asymmetry. Everything is just a bit different, but it looks symmetrical until you start examining closer.

  11. I read your blog daily, and thought you might find these online catalogs inspiering :-) Sharing something the other way too, instead of just sucking up all inspiration from you ;-) http://www.slettvoll.no/se-katalog

  12. i love fireplaces in the master bedroom..it's so cozy :)  and i've never seen a nightstand pushed away from the wall that much..i wonder why they did that?


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