Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A "Collected" Living Room

As most of you know, I work two days a week at a local high-end shop that also does interior design. I've worked there for a year plus now and it has really helped me train my eye. Recently we went to a customer's home to check out her finished master bedroom that we helped decorate. As soon as we walked in, I asked if I could take pictures of the other rooms of her house. It's AMAZING!!!

Our customer is a very talented artist and decorated her home without the help of a designer and in less than a year (aside for our help in the master bedroom). AMAZING. Also, almost all the art she painted herself.

Here is my favorite room of hers... THIS is what I mean when I describe a space as "collected". She did such an amazing job!!



I love it! Nothing matches, but everything goes. That painting leaning up next to the fireplace is one of her pieces! I love that she has her art scattered around her home.

Her family room is so cool, too:


There are a lot more images of the home here on the Isabella blog including pictures of what we did in the master.


  1. So beautiful! She might have another career as an interior designer. 


  2. I love a collected feel -- it's my goal when I decorate.  And that ceiling makes me giddy....

  3. Wow. This place is gorgeous. Congratulations to her! You can tell she loves every single piece in there!

  4. Collected is the perfect description... love these kinds of spaces!

  5. Collected is the perfect description... love these kinds of spaces!

  6. such a great space! love a collected space that doesnt feel cluttered.

  7. Wow! Beautiful, I really love how she put everything together in the family room. The master bedroom is gorgeous. Love the purple chairs!

  8. Really beautiful! I went to check the Isabella blog and you did a great job in the master bedroom.

  9. HelloloverofbeautifulthingsSeptember 8, 2011 at 7:58 PM

    I love seeing collected rooms!  Having been in our 1st home for just under 3 years it is so hard to be patient and  wait to find things you really love to fill your home with - I so want things to just be completed now!

  10. Her place is beautiful.  Is that tree painting in the family room one of her paintings.  I love it!

  11. Jess@birdhouseinteriorsSeptember 9, 2011 at 1:36 PM

    I love this room. I think it is so important to have a layered feel and a collected look for a room. It is so much more inviting that way!

  12. Love. Does anyone know where the sofa in the family room is from??


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