Monday, September 26, 2011


One of my clients went to France this summer and when she came back she told me she wanted to add a "French" vibe to her home. I wasn't quite sure what she meant by it, but my initial thought went to Kirklands.

But off to the internet I went to do some research and I started to look up Paris hotels.

This hotel, Hotel Keppler, was featured in Lonny.. soo pretty!

[ images via here ]

And another hotel, Belle Juliette Paris:

And my favorite, Le Sainte Beuve. They have the best virtual tour.. click here to view it. All the images below are screen shots from the virtual tour so they aren't the best images, but I definitely recommend checking the tour out for yourself. I love every single thing about this place, and I have added it to my "bucket list" to stay here one day :)







In each bedroom they have the most beautiful draperies.. they have two different fabrics/textures with a thin accent band in the middle. I loved them so much I recommended we do the same with the Show House, and we are! I cannot wait to show you.

Once I got on the French kick, I picked up this nude for my client, and the "French looking" chair (which I've posted about before):


I cannot write about France without mentioning my mom.. she is the biggest Francophile I know. She lived in France when she was younger, is fluent in French and there is actually a French student living with my parents right now! We've been to Paris together when I was young but I think we must go back again now that I really appreciate the art and architecture.


  1. Looks like such a gorgeous hotel! I love the sitting room. 


  2. Love that last hotel- stunning!

    I def vote you go back to France- I can't get enough of it! I want to go back soon!

    btw- i love your blog, check it every day!  and i'm in Columbia, SC so we aren't far from each other!


  3. recycledconsignanddesignSeptember 26, 2011 at 9:32 AM

    Lovely! And you solved my molding placement issue with the pink I know what I want to do over my bed :)

  4. All the hotels are so gorgeous! I really love the feminie vibe of Belle Juliette. I recently did a post on another great Parisian hotel that I stayed in while I was in Paris for work... Le Dokhan's. You can check it out here... There may or may not also be a puppy involved.

  5. Beautiful pictures! The nude art you picked for your client is fabulous! Hope we can take a peek of her house when it is done! ;)

  6. I love the nude. Would you mind sharing where you found it?!

  7. I loved that Hotel featured in Lonny too!  I've been reminiscing all week about Paris because I was there this time last year.  Have you seen the Hotel Louis II? It's in the 6th and is SO adorable.  Their website might be worth a look if your're still looking for inspiration.  Lovely items you got for your client, hope to see what everything looks like when finished!

  8. Love your choices...can't wait to see the room!!

  9. J'aime Paris!  I too am a major Francophile.  In college, I studied abroad for a summer in France, and the minor for my degree was in French.  Sadly, lack of practice means I am no longer proficient.  But I still appreciate the French influence in design ... and I think I told you on Twitter that I'm dying over the art for your client!   

  10. I just got back from Paris last week and stayed at the La Belle Juliette.  I recently did a recap on my blog:  It was lovely!

  11. How funny!  I stayed at the St Beuve for part of my trip to Paris 2 years ago.  It was very pretty and the bathroom was especially lovely (plus it had a shower curtain, which is not always the case in France), but I much preferred staying in the Marais neighborhood, even though our accommodations weren't as lovely.  

  12. Can't believe I missed this one; thanks for mentioning me!  We just got invited back to the South of France today by Myriam's parents - they asked us to bring our kids!!   I hope you guys can come with us sometime.  LOVE the pics on your site!  J'adore la France !!! 

  13. oh, I want to do a stripe on curtains for my kid's big girl room. Black on white for a dramatic contrast. Hope it turns out well :)


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