Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Post About Bathroom Floor Tile

Not the most thrilling post ever.. but it's been on my mind lately. Ever since I tiled the laundry room, I have had the deepest urge to move onto our bathrooms. They currently have similar ugly vinyl (but not matching.. not sure why the builder did that). I'm not in a rush to tile right away, but it has been on my mind.

Confession time - I LOVE how our laundry room turned out, but MIL and I definitely cursed the mosaics. They were pretty hard to work with. I've decided I want to do 12x12 floor tiles in our upstairs bathrooms. Another reasons is because less grout = less dirt in the grout.

Right now I'm just in the day-dreaming/look for inspiration pictures stage.

I loove the tile in this bathroom:

[ via ]

Simple beige tile in Keri Russel's bathroom.

[ via Elle Decor ]

I LOVE the color variations in this floor tile:

[ via ]

The rest of the pictures come from Sarah Richardson, who always does tile perfectly.

Love, love love this tile...


This makes me go hmmm, love the accent tile:


I have found a favorite, but the price is not right. ($11/sq ft)

[ via ]

I'm looking for something that has both warm beige and warm gray, veining, preferably natural stone but big plus if I can find something faux that looks good (to save $$)...

How about you guys? Did you pick out your own bathroom tile? What did you use? I'd love to hear!


  1. I loved the first picture. I'm also thinking about redoing my bathrooms. I enjoyed dreaming with you!

    The tile is gorgeous but for $11 a sq ft I'm going to pass on it too.


  2. You didn't like the smaller tiles? I was so won over by your post that I almost convinced my hubby to do small tiles in our powder room. Ack! :)

    We did just tile our kitchen with tiles you may like:

    They were reasonably priced (~$3 per 16x16 tile) and from Lowe's. I know you wanted 12x12, but just wanted to give you hope that you can find nice tiles for a great price!

  3. I like the porcelain tiles that look like wood planks.  I love the warmth of a wood floor but since wood isn't practical in a bathroom, the porcelain tiles fit the bill.

  4. I so badly want to tile our bathrooms...I'm sick of that nasty, vinyl, laminate floor. Can't wait to see what you do in your bathroom!


  5. The  next project on our roster is to update our master bathroom.  I have thos idea of doing wood in the bathroom - actually ship decking plus tile. But honestly S. Richardson is amazing - I would turn straight if she would let me intern with her. 

  6. For our bathroom, we found a product at Home Depot called Allure. It's vinyl tile that you peel and stick (stay with me here), but you leave space between the tiles and then grout!  I was dubious at first but we went for it and it looks great! It has the look of a ceramic or stone tile, but it isn't cold underfoot. It cost less than $2/square foot and was very easy to install. The only thing I am unsure about now is how well it will hold up over time - it has only been a couple of months but it looks perfect so far. 

  7. I posted pics of our new master bathroom tile on my blog a few weeks back. It is 18x18 carrera marble on the diagonal with strips of two inch bands of carrera mosaic between each title.

    Looking forward to seeing your final choice. Your inspiration images are gorgeous!

  8. I can't wait until we are able to do our bathroom. So many projects on the docket.... Priorities, priorities...

  9. Your description of tile is exactly what I wanted to do in our master bath. Our new house is still about a month from completion, but I have pictures posted on my blog of the Master bath.  Not natural stone, but the faux we have looks fairly natural.  Here's a link:  The master bath is about halfway through the post.

  10. Oh, the first bathroom is my favorite.  Actually, they all are pretty great!  My guest bath has travertine, it's ok, but not my favorite.  Would love to change it out to marble, one day.  My master bath is hardwood.  Not sure why on earth the previous owners put hardwood in a bathroom.  Not a smart move and I hope to also change out this bath with marble.

  11. hi bryn.  i have been reading your blog for months now and love it. thank you for the great look/read!  we have tile in our new bathrooms that fits your description.  its a marble called "breccia bianco" at $8 sq ft.  sorry-the picture is terrible!  it looks very similar to the pictures you've posted.  best wishes.

  12. Bryn,

    I am shopping for my master Bath  reno as I write.  I found porcelain tile for around $7 a square foot.  I am not doing marble as I did it in my powder room and it is too high maintenance!  Are you going to lay the tile yourself?  I am debating if I should try to do it.  I was inspired by your good work in your laundry room.


  13. The bath with the subway tile running to the ceiling and the large fixture hanging from the beam...okay, seriously fabulous. Refined and rustic all at once and I would enjoy calling it mine! Janell

  14. i was going to use 12 by 24 tile, but changed my mind and will take the jump with white hexagon ceramic. The best price I could find was $4/sqft. Now I'm debating between 1 inch and 2 inch hexagons... what do you think ;) 

    you can see my en suite mood board here:

  15. We have two bathroom remodels coming up that we're using fake marble tile in.  One is Amreican Olean Catarina Coliseum White which is a very, very good fake in the matte finish.  The other is a warmer color with tan veining and comes in some large in your face sizes.  It is Sculptur from Arizona Tile.  Both are a good price but the AO is very inexpensive.  I'm excited to have it throughout the bathroom along with white wainscoting. 

    I also wanted to ask if you ever order Visual Comfort lights.  I'm looking to get the Aspen Iron Ceiling light (the larger one) for our master bedroom and I was wondering if you could order it for me. 


  16. Hi Bryn - I know I'm a little late commenting on this post but I have been in search of tile very similar to what you described in your post. I have been to countless tile shops in our area looking for something with warm grey/beige veining but they have been out of my price range. I was in Home Depot the other day and found a couple of marble 12x12 tiles that fit the bill exactly and were only around $3 per sq. ft. I can't remember the name of the tile off hand unfortunately.

    Also before I  found that tile, I had almost decided to go with this (in Overcast) - - We have a sample of it and it really looks great!

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  18. Textured tile, such as travertine or small circular ceramic tiles, can tickle your feet in the bathroom, while helping prevent falls when the tile gets wet. Stone tiles on the floor can create a rustic or natural feel, while also working in a modern style if you use the same color throughout the bathroom, such as a slate gray color.


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