Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Painting

Growing up, my parents always had an ocean painting hanging in our house. It moved from house to house, from room to room, but I always admired and loved it so much. For as long as I can remember, I've told them how I would LOVE to have it someday (little stinker).

Now that our living room plan is slowly but surely evolving (with the black doors, etc), I have flat out asked if I could have it. I know, bad kid right? At first they said no... but I sweetly begged (haha) and they said YES!

(I may be jinxing things because I don't actually have the painting yet, but we're working out how to get it to me in NC from Texas.)

I grew up thinking the painting was done by my great-grandmother but I was surprise to hear it was not because 90% of the paintings around me growing up were done by her (or my grandmother).

My great-grandma Sykes was a great painter and my parents have been giving me some of my favorite paintings of hers on milestones. I recently was given this painting for my birthday, it now hangs in my office:


This ballerina painting was given to me on our wedding day. I have always loved her and it was an awesome surprise! My great-grandmother Sykes painted a lot of still life and landscapes but also painted a lot of women, and those are my favorite.

(This is the ballet painting hung in our CA home. It now is in our master bedroom.)

Anyway, back to the original painting I was telling you about. Here is a picture of it:


It's so beautiful! The blues and grays and hints of greens, and the little birds. You just get lost in it. I love it so much. My grandmother purchase this painting in the 60's and I'm interested to hear more about it.

As you saw in the mock up, it will hang above the two black chairs in our living room.


I'll see it and admire it every single day, just like I did growing up. THANK YOU Mom & Dad, I will treasure it forever!!


  1. gorgeous.  my fav! xoxo

  2. The painting is beautiful! 

    ~Kristy from 

  3. I have an ocean painting that my grandma did paint. I love all of your paintings. I love that my grandma paints and that I have something beautiful to go in my home that has so much meaning. Nice score on your ocean painting! Glad you finally got it so you could share with us.

  4. so sweet! I cannot wait until we can start acquiring real art.

  5. My parents have this large scale painting that I've been asking about for years. Unfortunately for me they still have it hanging in their house.  I LOVE the painting you are about to get and all the ones your grandmother painted. How very special!

  6. It's gorgeous!  isn't it funny when you get older how much more you appreciate things like that where you were surrounded by "things" growing up but it's not until you get older that you really love it and love how it reminds you of childhood and family?   Taking me back...I'm going to have to hunt around my Mom's this weekend :)

  7. That is a really sweet story.  It is a beautiful painting and looks great in the mock up!

  8. It's beautiful!  I love sentimental touches in homes.  I purchased a print on Etsy recently of a little red bird, which reminds me of my grandfather (who loved cardinals).  I love looking at it and thinking of him!

  9. The Vintique ObjectJune 30, 2011 at 4:50 PM

    Now we see where your talent came from -- it has been passed down to you.

    Gorgeous seascape!   I would happliy hang that on my own wall.

  10. Pieces that have a story to tell are the best part of decorating. 

    You are so luck to have so many art pieces that are personal to you. 

    I can't wait to see the real painting hanging in your house. 

  11. I love that painting that is in your office!  I don't get why most of it is blocked off by the tv.

  12. The sea pictures is incredible. There's one similar at this little cocktail place in Brooklyn. I LOVE it so much. Look how similar they are!


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