Monday, June 6, 2011

Etsy gets me every time

Damn you, Etsy! I have a love/hate relationship with you. Just when I think to myself "Bryn - you need a spending freeze", you put something so beautiful up on your front page that I just had to have.

I'm talking about this pink/gold ceramic bowl:


Is it not perfect? The perfect place to hold all my pretty earrings (which are really the only jewelry I wear. Oh and 99% of them are designed by my friend and amazing jewelry designer Meredith Jackson who one day will get an entire post of her own.)

The bowl is vintage by Sasha Brastoff and the pattern is called "surf ballet" Is that not a great name or what?

(the mother of pearl/gold apple next to my new bowl also came from Etsy)


  1. Haha ~ I see why it spoke to you and you had to buy it! It's gorgeous, and unusual too which is always a bonus. 

    Just peeked at your laundry makeover - brilliantly inspirational. Love those hex tiles - I have just finished a project that has them in black and cream and boy oh boy are they gorgeous. What a dramatic change from the before laundry!

    From your newest follower, in Melbourne Australia. 

  2. that is a clever way to hold your earrings. I love little bowls and I have several I am thinking of trying this with. and I hear ya about etsy... I did put myself on a spending freeze!!

  3. Such a pretty bowl.  I hang my earrings on a vintage champagne glass. Makes finding them so much easier!

  4. I love that bowl - which seller was it from?

  5. Hey Bryn, forgive me if I've asked this before, but I'd love to know any search tips/strategies you have for Etsy.  I know the site is chock full of great finds, but I often feel very overwhelmed by the sheer number of things available.  Any tips you have would be greatly appreciated!

  6. I wish I had such luck with Etsy! Maybe I need to visit the homepage a bit more often, huh?

  7. What a lovely piece. Before I had my children I was in the habit of filling every surface area with my various collections. Then I had to worry about them being snatched by chubby little hands. Now my babies are kids who don't feel the need to grab everything within reach. Maybe it's time to pull out all of my pretty stuff?

    Etsy is the best time suck online!

  8. That bowl is indeed beautiful! You def needed it! :)

  9. It's quite pretty, but I am smitten with the apple myself.  I really need to stop reading your blog b/c you keep giving me all this urges to shop with all your pretty finds :)

  10. I love the palette of these beachy and chic :)


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