Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Charleston, SC

Phew! We just got back from Charleston, SC for a short weekend away for my husband's birthday. We left Sunday morning and got back Monday evening.

Charleston is such a beautiful city full of amazing food and breath-taking homes.. two of my favorite things. But let me tell you, it was HOT... like real feel of 105 degrees. Way too hot to walk around the city, which was a bummer. But it didn't stop us from doing A LOT.

We got into Charleston around lunch time and started our mini-trip off with Sunday brunch at High Cotton (sooo good).



We walked around the city after brunch but got pretty overheated, so we retreated back into the AC until our dinner reservations at Husk. (I kept asking myself... HOW did they do it back in the day with the heat and their long dresses and suits and no AC?!?!)

Husk was a great restaurant and I was flipping over the design.





My pictures didn't do the restaurant justice - seriously click here to see how gorgeous it is!

Monday morning we took a carriage tour of the Battery area.. it was so amazing! I took a million pictures of gorgeous old homes and architecture... here are some:











I loved Henry, the guide horse.

I will tell you what NOT to do - tour the Calhoun Mansion. We passed it on the carriage tour and the guide mentioned it's open for tours. Given it's history, we thought it'd be really cool to check out the inside of an old mansion. Well the new owners are apparently billionaire hoarders. I am pulling this off of Trip Advisor.. it's exactly how I felt: "It is best described as cluttered, tacky and junky. You can no longer enjoy the Tiffany original decor and chandeliers for the new owners myriad of eclectic things that do not belong in this grand piece of Charleston architecture. It is sad and a shame. The longer the tour lasted today, the sadder and madder I got."

After the tour we ate our last meal at Hominy Grill. Just like the rest of the food on the trip, it was amazing!

It was a great little vacation and I'd love to go back!


  1. I was in Charleston a little over a week ago and did the Calhoun Mansion tour as well. My reaction was the same as yours. What was it...10 semi trucks full (8 original from DC plus 2 more) of the gaudiest, most ridiculous collection of "art" you've ever seen. It was proof that all the money in the world can't buy good taste.

  2. I would totally live in Charleston if it weren't for the oppressive heat! Love it!

  3. Looks like an incredible time! The architecture is breathtaking; I bet it was hard to leave the city! (And I absolutely love your top in the last photo.)

  4. Your photos are gorgeous! It looks like such a great place to visit. Glad you had fun!

  5. Charleston is on my "places to go" list - it just looks so quaint and has so much history.   and your food photos make me hungry!!

  6. glad you got to visit my neck of the woods :)
    It IS super super hot here this time of year...but still such a great city!
    Great restaurant choices too...those are some of my faves!

  7. I love reading your blog!!!!  I was just checking back through your last few posts and came across this one from your visit to Charleston!  I live here and man you are not kidding about the heat!!!!!  I realized while looking at your pictures that you took, that my husband's grandfather's house was the one fifth from the bottom with the round porches on the side!  I thought that was neat to see on your post and thought I would point it out:) Hope y'all enjoyed your trip!  

  8. Yeah!  You ate at all my favorite restaurants in Charleston!  Glad you had a great time!!

  9. High Cotton was the place we went for our "date night" when I was in college (I went to CofC) and Hominy Grill was one our weekend breakfast faves-nice choices!  I LOVE that town and still miss it desperatley!  So glad you guys got to see a lot of the city and had a good time.  In spite of the heat feeling like the infernos of he**, it's really a beautiful place.  *Amy

  10. Love Charleston. The last company I worked for was based out of Charleston so I went there on business but always stayed a few days over to enjoy the city.


  11. Love your pics of Charleston.  I went to college there and our wedding will be there in October!  My bridal luncheon is at High Cotton, one of my favorites :)

  12. love your top in the last photo- the whole outfit actually!
    Can you tell us where you got it? 

  13. Wow I read your blog from time to time but I was there the same weekend and ALSO ate at Husk! how crazy however it was darker by the dinner hour for us, we are eight oclock eaters so we just missed each other!

  14. Oh I'm so glad you got to eat at Husk! Wasn't it delish?! And a carriage ride is a perfect way to see the old homes without having to walk on a hot weekend like that.  Ohhhh the South in summer...


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