Tuesday, May 31, 2011

20% Off!

I have good news for you guys :) I just added the same Capiz Lotus chandelier from my entry to our Isabella online shop! AND right now we are having a 20% off sale (enter SUMMER for the coupon code).

Those of you who have been wanting the Capiz Lotus chandelier, now is the time to get it :)

[ click the image to be directed to the shop ]

If you're not in the market for a new chandelier, here are some of my favorites from the shop that you could use your 20% off coupon on:

I'm currently using this Wild Lily soap in my bathtub. It smells soo good and is awesome for summer. I may or may not have been caught sniffing my own arm to catch a whiff.

My favorite candle right now is this Acai Rain candle. It smells really good and an added bonus is that it's completely organic.

I know, I already blogged about these.. but now that they are on sale you can stock up. (I still loooove mine).

(I'm sorry for posting about the shop a lot lately. I love it so much, and I really want you guys to know about my favorite things that I use and love. Please forgive me!)


  1. so sad there's no shipping to canada :(

  2. It looks lovely!

  3. The capiz chandelier is fantastic...and I just saw it used in the June issue of House Beautiful!


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