Monday, April 25, 2011

A Feeling (part two)

I always ask clients to send me inspiration pictures. Specifically, rooms that they like the "feeling".

Here are some rooms that I really love the "feeling" of (specifically family rooms + offices.. because those two rooms are next on my "to do" list.... which is never ending).

[ unknown]

[ home of emerson made ]

[ southern living ]

[ high gloss magazine ]

[ unknown ]

[ via little green notebook ]

[ via little green notebook ]

You can see more "feeling" pictures here.

I also have a confession - my master bedroom is taking longer than I had planned. But the truth is, it's a very personal space and I want to put my heart into it... not just finish it quickly so I can call it finished. I've been undecided on what type of window treatments to do... panels? roman shades? bamboo shades? I don't really know. My settee is currently getting reupholstered. I've also planned on some new artwork on the big blank wall that I was going to leave blank. But I decided it needed something because the room is feeling heavy on one side. Oh and I also need a mirror!

BUT my mother in law gets in tomorrow. I'm going to share our trials and tribulations of putting in tile for the first time. Unlike my master bedroom, the laundry room will be finished quickly! (that's the plan anyway haha).


  1. I secretly like that song

  2. Don't feel bad about the bedroom. Mine's still not done for the very same reasons. Do post the updates when you can!!

  3. Oh I love that home by emersonmade! I definitely love the "feeling" in that living room! Thanks for sharing your "feeling" pictures :)

  4. The Vintique ObjectApril 25, 2011 at 4:43 PM

    Two of the four rooms you picked are in my 'Room Love' tab on my blog. I think I'll have to add the top one too!
    They're all wonderful, though because they have just the right amount of stuff to feel lived in.
    Happy Monday!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I love the lightness of each of these rooms -- they feel so open and serene. And each seems to have a collection of loved, favorite things. I really appreciate the "editing" of them all!

  6. I have that same Southern Living photo pulled almost solely for the giant pillow on the sofa. I mean, you can't sit with that thing there, so it's completely nonsensical. But yet I love it.


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