Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wanna Know?

I have so many projects going on with our house (big and small) so I thought I'd share a little status report. It's mostly for me, but in case you wanna know ;)

Master Bedroom

I'm getting our painted dresser back this week and also picking up a piece of art Amanda painted for me. These are too big pieces of the pie for our master bedroom.

I also approved a CFA for fabric for our settee, so that has been ordered and I'm just waiting for that! We're so close to being done.. can't wait.

Still left on the to do list is:

- get settee upholstered
- hang additional lighting
- gold leaf mirror for above dresser
- install closet door knobs
- figure out fan situation (I want something smaller, closer to the ceiling but that would require a remote.)

Powder Room

We finished peeling off all the wallpaper this weekend (as much as we could). Finally!!

Next steps..

- Paint vanity (already have paint.. must sand then paint)
- Paint trim
- Get grasscloth hung !!!
- Install hardware & faucet

( I love the little H & C)

Laundry Room

MIL has agreed to come out at the end of April to help lay tile in the laundry room, yay!! This the last space on the first floor that needs "renovating" after the powder room. It's a diasaster. It will be an easy, inexpensive job that hopefully we can knock out pretty quickly! If you remember, I started peeling wallpaper the day we closed!


- Install second copper pendant in hallway.
- New lamps for entry & family room

I've been thinking about getting a small & inexpensive IKEA sectional for my office. Since my office is a pretty large bonus room, I'd love for it to also function as such. Mainly for later down the road when we have kids.. we can use it as a playroom after work hours. As you can see.. I've taped off the space for the sectional:

I've also been busy with the biz which is great! Speaking of.. I spent too much time on this post. Gotta go!


  1. We have that same faucet in our basement bathroom but in chrome! It works & looks like a dream (kind of a pain to install but the pieces are all really high quality). I'm digging your powder room plan!!

  2. Get a small convertible sleeper sofa for your office instead of the Ikea sectional. You never know when you'll need an extra bed...

  3. You are making great progress! I can't wait to see it all come together.

  4. Thanks for the sneak peak! It's going to be beautiful!

  5. oh my, your house is going to be gorgeous! thanks for sharing snippets of each room. looks great! xo

  6. Hey, for the fan in your bedroom you don't necessarily need one with a remote. We have super high ceilings in our room (our fan hangs from an are that is at least 15 feet high) but it's hardwired and connected to a switch with our recessed lights. I can control the speed as well as the top and bottom lights of the fan. Hope that helps!

  7. recycledconsignanddesignMarch 27, 2011 at 6:47 PM

    I love little sneak fun!

  8. The Vintique ObjectMarch 27, 2011 at 6:48 PM

    I love all of the texture happening on your bed, am really looking forward to seeing how the powder room turns out, and you are so lucky to have a MIL who tiles!

  9. I love a good to-do list. Yours is wonderful, and it's so fun to see your place coming together.


  10. It's just a basic berber in a "linen" type color. I don't know the exact info because we purchased it at a non-name brand place locally.

    I love it! It's been about a year and held up really well to our black dog.

  11. I always enjoy posts like this. Everything is coming together so nicely! But what I really want to know is what carpet do you have? It looks EXACTLY like what I want for our new house. Could you share? If not, at least it's confirmation that what I was imagining in my brain really will look good. :-)

  12. my list is loooong, and I'm a little afraid to see it all in one place!
    Good luck!


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