Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide 2010 : Men

I'm here with the Men's installment of the Esty Holiday Gift Guide.

1 - Monogrammed Leather Wallet - $140
You can't go wrong with getting your man a really nice wallet. My husband purchased a great wallet years ago and it's still going strong.

2 - Gentleman's Soap - $5
I just have to copy and post the description from Etsy.. it sounds like it smells amazing: "Tobacco and black tea are the dominate notes with hints of fruit and spice blended to remind you of the Gentlemen's clubs of the 18th century. This soap has a heady, masculine scent that will have your nose craving more."

3 - 3D Lion Shirt - $32
This is the perfect gift for those of us who cannot get our husband's 3D TVs this year ;)

4 - Recycled Red Stripe Drinking Glasses - $15
I think these are so cool. You can get your guy's favorite beer made into drinking glasses. I'm partial to the Red Stripe ones.. they have a great logo ;)

5 - Evergreen Painting - $100
A great starter painting that reads very masculine to me. Art may not be something a guy would pick for himself, but it's a very special gift.

6 - Junk Container - $32
This gift makes me laugh a little. Doesn't it always seem that guys have "junk" laying around? I know, one man's trash is another man's treasure. This could be a cute tongue-in-cheek gift.

7 - Laptop Sleeve - $60
A gorgeous tweed-like fabric with leather.. so cool and guy-ish (even though I like the combo for myself, too).

Tomorrow will be a fun one - kiddos!

(None of these sellers nor Etsy.com has compensated me for this post.)


  1. I absolutely LOVE #6! Definitely an ongoing battle in our house. Although I must say that the pretty bowl on our counter is used MOST of the time.

    Sometimes you just gotta laugh about these things, huh?

  2. Hi Bryn,
    Just wanted to say I think it's great that you're doing an Etsy gift guide. I always love seeing what else is out there that I haven't discovered yet!
    Happy Holidays,

  3. love the 3D t shirt! i think my little man (6 yr old son) would ADORE it.

  4. I love the glasses idea and also I want that laptop case for me!

  5. Bryn! LOVE this post. I did a similar one recently on my blog, called an ESTY Christmas! Check us out - http://realhousewivesofpwcounty.blogspot.com/2010/12/etsy-christmas-great-holiday-gift-ideas.html

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS girlie!

  6. I love that junk container too although if I gave it to my husband he would promptly give it right back...seems he thinks I have more "junk" then he does :)

    All the best, Mai-Brit

  7. LOL! Loving that "Junk" container! Made me think of my fiance as soon as I saw it! Love your blog!


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